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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    Does anyone have any tried and true ideas on how to get rid of poison ivy, oak or sumac? I would like to try to get rid of them without harsh chemicals.
  2. Pregnancy
    I had her monday morning at 1:12 am. 8pds 12oz. We are both doing well and I am starting to get adusted to three kids. P.S. Sunday afternoon I walked for about a mile and a half and that seemed to work.:cheergrl:
  3. Health and beauty
    :weeping: Stupidly, I helped clear out a felled tree after this windstorm. It was a poison ivy harvest. i'm covered with the rash from head to toe and my eyes look like i was punched. To make matters worse, I'm stuck at work for the next 14 hours. :( I am so itchy!!!
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Awesome article to read. Smart girl. Fear of student loan debt made me skip fancy schools for a free one
  5. Frugal Living
    Every sping/summer I contract poison ivy, and I've become quite sensitive to it. I'm careful when I'm outdoors, and suspect that I must be picking it up from our cats/dog. Not petting them/kissing them is not an option! On Thursday I woke up with a patch of it on my chin (very unatrractive)...
  6. Health and beauty
    Loved the song, hate the condition. Somehow, both dh and I have poison ivy. We've not been doing yardwork, so I'm not sure how we got it, but we do. I can't complain, as his is SO much worse, but it's still itchy. We've hydrocortisoned ourselves and are taking Benadryl, since Calamine and...
  7. Candlemaking This looks so easy to make and very frugal!!!!A friend of mine made one years ago and Iseen it and had to show it to you.
  8. Writing Forum January's contest winner will receive an autographed Ivy Authors bookbag!
  9. Health and beauty
    I hate the stuff! My MIL has it growing in her backyard. I tell my boys to stay away from there because the youngest 2 are highly allergic as am I. Well, if the wind is blowing we even seem to get it! Guess what??? All 3 of us have it!!! I hate it!! It is so hard to get rid of and itches!!!! I...
1-9 of 9 Results