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    Hello there! I'm a 27yo female currently working as an English teacher in Japan, though my degree and past jobs were in software engineering. I have identified with frugality and minimalism for close to a decade now, but the vast majority of like-minded people I meet either have a family or...
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    DH shared this article with me and I thought I'd pass it on. Kobe beef doesn't exist outside of Japan. People don't realize this and have capitalized on it. I have tried it once in my lifetime and honestly I would never have paid to try it either but we were out celebrating with others at a...
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    Anyone here ever watch this show? I love this show. I watch it evey weekend. :) COOL JAPAN YUM!
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    Here are a few articles I found after hearing an news report on NPR Companies scramble to get what they need Story ends with "He says he suspects the trend — called "near-sourcing" — will become more popular after the disaster in Japan." Japan Crisis A Threat To Companies' Supply Routes : NPR...
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    CTV Edmonton - Reactor not damaged in Japan nuclear plant explosion - CTV News My prayers are with those in Japan - the military is giving out doses of iodine to treat people for exposure to radiation. If the radiation gets into the ocean, it will take approximately 36 hours to reach the...
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    Maybe it's my age or world events or both, but I'm beginning to think the End is actually near. Am I officially off my rocker?:toilet::screwy::whirly::rollsmile:nerv2::yikes:
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    ...and will be gone until the 31st. I miss him a ton already. :(
  8. Stay at home moms This is an article written for people in Japan who are changing to a single income.
  9. Frugal Living It is very interesting to read about how other countries pinch pennies. :cents:
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    ...I don't know how you military wives/s.o's do it. He's only going to be gone until Thursday night, but I'm already missing him. :( I am worried about him arriving safely and all that other stuff. :sigh:
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1-11 of 11 Results