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  1. Beverages
    Jello-Tea Recipe DescriptionHot beverage Preparation Steps:Purchase: 2-3oz Peach Jello 2-3oz Apricot Jello Countrytime Lemonade Tang Raspberry Tea Sugar/Splenda-OPTIONAL Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed:3 minutes--MAYBE Ingredients:See prep steps...
  2. Christmas
    Here is a twist on the old fashioned spiced tea. You will be pleasantly surprised. So will your taste buds. It's not your grandma's spiced tea: 2- 3 oz. Peach Jello 2-3 oz Apricot Jello 1 cup- country time lemonade 1/2 cup Tang 1/2 c. raspberry instant tea 2/3 C. sugar (optional) Stir...
1-2 of 2 Results