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  1. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    Hello from New Jersey well not from here, but that is where I am. I am just learning my way around a frugal world, here in NJ everything seems so much higher. I have already lurked through ton of information and have a ton to still go. I don't know how to make my profile or set goals, but a...
  2. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Wish DH luck, I will be working, but we are having a yard sale tomorrow. Got a few high priced items. Fine china, DH's huge TV that he is going to part with (needs a new bulb), and I am selling stock pile stuff, along with other things (cat toys, nick nacks) I am excited! This may get us...
  3. General Chat
    Not for nothing, but they should not be touching these type of funds, just like they shouldn't have been touching the Social Security Funds. These Politicians need a good swift kick in the behind already!!! ugh! Surge in jobless claims taps out New Jersey unemployment fund by Dunstan...
  4. General Chat
    ~Here in South Jersey we don't get alot of snow so I'm am thrilled to see a dusting this morning. And in November! It's so pretty!~
  5. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    Where are you located? You can list: Northern Mid-state Southern New Jersey County if you don't want to disclose exactly where you are. I'm in Springfield, New Jersey.
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    And it's been a long wait -- she was due 2 weeks ago. She calved just after 6am. The little bull calf has been named Chuck, as in ground chuck and chuck roast. ;) It's a very good name for a steer (which this guy will become when he gets around 400lbs or starts to show any aggression). As a...
  7. Freebies
    Please take a moment to complete the following questions. When you click on submit, a coupon will appear. Print it and keep it. You should show the coupon, along with your valid college or post-secondary school identification, to ride NJ TRANSIT for free as often as you like from September 17...
  8. Pets
    :smooch: and I adopted a new baby girl today! Her name is Jersey and she's about 7 months old. She's a pretty little girl, all black and white with a "beauty mark" (although we expect a few "Hitler" cracks) on her upper lip. She is fitting in slowly -- Tempest, our older male, seems to be...
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  10. Leisure & Media Arts
    New Jersey has a new state slogan. The new slogan is "New Jersey: Come See For Yourself." I did think one of the suggestions, 'New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?' was really funny. Are you a Jersey person? Share the good :), the bad :( and the secret pleasure ;) stuff about NJ. My...
  11. Freebies
  12. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    I've noticed no one has stopped by this forum so I thought I would start out and see if anyone relpies. I am a sahm, I have 2 girls. I live by the shore and love it. in my spare time I sell on ebay, bake, scrapbook and play with the girls. Not nessarily in that order. Hope to meet some new...
  13. Freebies
  14. General Chat
    It's not officially summer until the corn and tomatoes are in! Today I went to the farmer's market and YIPPEE! :yippee: They're in! The corn was 2 weeks late due to the incredibly wet and cold spring we had. I can't wait to eat them. Jersey corn and tomatoes are the best. :hungry:
1-14 of 14 Results