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    Wilson Leather - Jessica McClintock - Estee Lauder - 3 Handbag/Purses Posted by: [email protected] Description: One black leather handbag is a Wilson leather pocketbook. Beige/Tan is signed Estee Lauder. Black fabric evening bag is by Jessica McClintock. All in great condition. Sold as is and final. Not...
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    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Sample:bow:
  7. Leisure & Media Arts,19884,1133507,00.html FLYING SOLO On Sunday, four days days after she and husband Nick Lachey announced their separation, Jessica Simpson leaves a Los Angeles tanning salon flashing a noticeably bare ring finger. The singer spent the Thanksgiving...
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    Well, after a year of did they didn't they we now know for sure they did, it's offical, they are calling it quits
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    I don't think this has been posted, but as I was investigating the Katie/Tom baby thing (true...unbelieveable though) I came across the news that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have decided to divorce. Between this and Demi and Ashton getting married, lots happening in Hollywood in the past week!
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    No real surprise here IMO:
1-10 of 11 Results