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  1. General Chat
    I think this is a great idea to help the small business owners in your area. I always try to support our hometown business but this is really cool and takes it to a new level. U.S. News - 'Cash mobs': Flash mobs go to bat for small local businesses
  2. Health challenges
    New month and it's the month of yummy food!! :D Thanksgiving and all those treats that get snuck out of the kid's bags while they are at school is NOT going to help the waistline so let's get moving!!! :) I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you? :)
  3. Health challenges
    Let's keep moving into the fall!! Winter will be upon us soon. I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you?
  4. Health challenges
    We are heading into the final third of 2011!! Let's make the most of the remaining months!! For September, I am going for 750 minutes - how about you?
  5. Health challenges
    Where did July go?!!! Join us in moving our bodies!!!! I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you? :)
  6. General Chat
    :cheergrl: Springtime is here and summer is coming! :cheergrl: Why not focus on your health and start holding yourself accountable with other people on the same journey? No matter where we are in our weight-loss journey, we all have similar daily struggles when it comes to food. Many of us...
  7. Health challenges
    A new month and a new beginning. With the warmer weather I am including gardening into my exercise routine and plan on an hour a day. How about you? :)
  8. Health challenges
    A new month and for some the beginning of warmer weather! How much do you plan on driinking this month? I am in for 64 oz per day. :)
  9. Health challenges
    Setting this up for the month. I am in for 64 ounces per day. How about you? :)
  10. Health challenges
    Getting this set up for April! I am in for one hour per day. How about you? :)
  11. Health challenges
    I need to get this started since I have such a hard time being consistent with my water consumption - :jar: My goal for the month is 64 oz. daily. And you?
  12. Health challenges
    It's already March!! St. Patrick's Day!! I am in for 900 minutes this month - how about you?
  13. Health challenges
    Starting this up for the second month of the year! I am in for 100 oz per day. How about you? Ready to join me? :)
  14. Health challenges
    A new month already!! We need to keep moving!! I am going to try for 40 minutes per day. What are your goals?
  15. Health challenges
    I need to quit smoking I am very unhealthy right now from smoking so I have picked a quit date of Feb 16th 2011 as my quit date. Plus DD has high anxiety and she is always worried about me dying of cancer, and I don't want to put her through that. I am looking for some quit buddies. My plan is...
  16. Health challenges
    New year, fresh water! I am in for 100 oz per day for the month of January. How about you?
  17. Health challenges
    New year, fresh start. Move your body this month! Even if for 10 minutes a day will make you healthier, happier and sleep better! I am in for 40 minutes per day this month which will be 1240 minutes. What about you? :)
  18. Health challenges
    Need to get this going. Since the pool is out for everyday exercising I am going to need to be creative to get my body moving. I'm in for 500 minutes this month. How about you?
  19. Health challenges
    Thanks to mauimagic, she reminded me that tomorrow is November!!! :yikes: I am committed to drinking 100 oz of water per day for November. 100 oz x 30 days = 3000 oz. How about you?
1-20 of 143 Results