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  1. General Chat
    Hello! I am interested in joining in the fun here. :sun: I lurk on several different finance/frugality forums, but I have been looking for a "home" where I can jump in and participate because, as motivating as lurking can be, I know that I truly get the most inspiration when I am an active...
  2. General Chat
    Hi, all! :purpcat: How did you hear about frugal village? Not sure! I think I stumbled upon it when I was Googling "debt reduction ticker" for my blog. What interests you here? Finally! An active frugal forum that doesn't COST MONEY (what's up with all these debt-killing sites that charge...
  3. Education
    I have had the 2 most stressful weeks of my life. Monday, March 22, my 10 yo daughter and a friend was being sexually harassed and TOUCHED by 3 boys in her class, they girls spoke to the teacher, who responded, she'd talk to them...she never did. My husband was at the school tuesday...
  4. Health and beauty
    Anyone here do weight watchers? How do the meetings work? I am nervous but I have got to do this! I am pretty excited though!
  5. Relationships
    Bit of background - OH and i have been together for coming up to 6 years and married for nearly 1.5 years. I work full time with a regular fortnightly pay cycle. OH works for himself and also various casual jobs so his income is a bit all over the shop. We have seperate bank accounts and pay...
  6. Financial hardship
    ...of those who are being laid off. I really didn't expect it to happen. Not after the company posted their 3rd highest earnings last year :ponder: The good news is they gave me a months notice, reduced my workload so I can job hunt and interview during the day, and are sending me to a career...
  7. Money challenges
    Hi there. I thought I am frugal, but reading all your valuable messages, tips made me to think that there is always a room for improvement" So I will join some of you on this mission of spending only $25.00 per week per person. I have tons of food and will try stay away from shopping. I cxl my...
  8. Freebies "Minute® Rice has created a panel of consumers who, from time to time, offer valuable insight on products and flavors. If you would like to become a member of our panel, please complete the information below and click on the submit button. We...
  9. Single Moms
    My soon to be ex and I separated after 7 and a half years of marriage in January so now I'm doing the single parent thing. So far it's going ok, although we're still trying to find our groove. Just wanted to say hi to everyone! :grnwave:
  10. Pregnancy
    Baby #4 due around October 8th, 2007. :teddy2:
  11. Frugal Living
    Hi everyone! I am a 23 year old pre-physical therapy college student who is very frugal out of neccessity! I have been lurking here for about a year and now I have question o fmy own. I have joined some online survey sites(free) and many of these places offer cash/points for trial offers. I am...
  12. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    This is pretty neat. I love the way it is set-up. Even got me a website. ;)
  13. Freebies If you sign up for Gold Membership at Costco and pay with your American Express card, you get a $10 gift card.
  14. Military Families
    We just signed papers today to allow my 17 yo to join the Marines. Someone calm me down please! I don't want to let him, but I've always told them I'd support any career choice they made as long as it's legal and moral. Now, I'm having to eat my words.
  15. Crochet and knitting
    This tutorial shows you how to join Yo-Yo's together using the Net Stitch . First you need to make 2 yo-yo's and crochet around 1 of them using a contrasting yarn in the following manner. Join main color with a sc in any dc, ch 3 (sc in the next dc, ch 3) 11 times. Join with a sl st to...
  16. General Chat
    I am really considering this. I think it will be fun. One of the ladies I work with joined a few weeks ago and loves is. She hasn't lost weight but she has lost 7.5 inches total and gained 1 pound of muscle. The start up fee is kind of high but next week March 8-12 if you bring in a bag of...
1-18 of 21 Results