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    A Kentucky farmer of advanced years took a lovely young bride. At first the marriage was very passionate and the couple made love frequently. After a few months, however, the wife suddenly became disinterested in sex and the farmer began to worry. After another few months had passed, the...
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    Whenever I come home from playing golf, my son always asks me excitedly, "Did you win, Dad?" I have explained to him time and time again that you're really just playing against yourself. This time the family was on vacation and I had gone out to play a round. When I returned, the kids were...
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    A young couple married, and celebrated their first night together doing what newlyweds do, time and time again, all night long. In the morning, the groom goes into the bathroom but finds no towel when he gets out of the shower. He asks the bride to please bring one from the bedroom. When she...
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    Here's a truly heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little 5 year old girl and some construction workers that makes you believe that we CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time... A young family moved into a house, next door to...
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    A young gypsy while selling some shawls Was kicked by a cop in Sioux Falls His action was rash It produced a loud crash For most gypsies have crystal balls.
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    I bet you never thought of this!!
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    Mr. Goldstein, was living the last of his life in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked if there was anything wrong. Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Goldstein, "My private part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were forgetful...
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    A man went to the doctor and said, "Doctor, I've > got a problem, but if you're going to treat it, first > you've got to promise not to laugh." > > "Of course I won't laugh," the doctor said. "I'm > a professional. In over twenty years I've never > laughed at a patient." > > "OK then,"...
1-8 of 8 Results