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  1. Frugal Living
    Went camping with the Jones. They planned the meals and did the shopping. How very unfrugal of me. I told DH once we got home that we could have had steaks, fish and gone out to eat on less than they spent. $380 for 8 people for 6 dinners, lunches and breakfasts! Every so often people on...
  2. Frugal Living
    The other night we went to a friends place. They went on and on about all the new furniture they got, how much it cost etc. Being a bit of a design freak, I was incredibly jealous. I suddenly wanted new furniture. Sometimes I feel like I live in a dorm because all my stuff was second hand. They...
  3. News you can use
    Indiana Jones and the box office slump It's been a rough start for the movie industry this year. And despite some big sequels (Indy's back!) there are concerns that this could be a cruel summer for Hollywood.
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
  5. General Chat
    All of the European indices were on a free fall today. I heard that all eyes will be focussed on the Dow Jones to see how it will react tomorrow. The Dutch stock exchange closed with a loss of I believe 5.8% and we were not the worst. Depending on how things develop in the next days/week...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Just finished very interesting piece in the Sept/Oct 2007 issue of Mother Jones Magazine. The article is called 'House of Cards' and it is about credit cards. Interesting facts 1/3 of Americans claim they pay the full balance every month. Credit card industry calls these people "30 day...
  7. For Sale or Trade
    ISO Junie B. Jones Books or Judy Moody Hi all! I am looking to find the following (gently used) Junie B. Jones books. Please pm if you have any to sell or trade. If you are looking to trade, let me know any items you are looking for in your pm. If you are looking to sell, please let me know...
  8. Freebies
    Free~ Wilson Jones MULTIDEX~Office Depot!!
  9. For Sale or Trade
    Hello all! I'm ISO any and all Junie B Jones books that are gently used that you would like to sell or trade. We have "Monkey Business" and we have to read two chapters every night, so I'm hoping that for Christmas we can get some other Junie stories for Julia. (We are now on our 15th...
  10. Frugal Living
    Where do you spend more than the Joneses? Where do you spend less? And the same as the Jones? For example, maybe I spend more than the Joneses on Tools and Equipment. But, because DH does most of our repairs, I spend less than the Jones on Car Repairs. I know I spend less than the Joneses...
  11. General Chat
    FormerGerman Defense Minister Confirms CIA"S Involvement in 9/11 Alex Jones Interview
  12. Freebies
  13. General Chat
    This little "under dog" horse is my favorite!  After a terrible accident, they thought this horse would die, let  never ever race again!  Go Smarty Jones! Susie in MN
1-13 of 13 Results