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  1. Halloween
    Use these free printable Halloween journals to create a keepsake this year. Halloween journal
  2. Writing Forum
    Does anyone journal? I saw a nifty idea on Pinterest and have decided to start. We Love This! / Start this daily calendar this weekend: Each day you write the year and something that happened that day. #make #calendar #newyear I've decided to modify it a bit---Z's mom gave me a super cute...
  3. Freebies
    Rewards Gold is offering a FREE 26 week subscription to the Wall Street Journal. This offer is available to the US and Puerto Rico for a limited time.
  4. Support
    I started this practice in my teens and have only stopped for a couple of weeks at the most. It really helps me to see the stuff that is going through my mind down on paper in front of me...kind of neutralizes it. Just curious if there are more on FV who journal?
  5. Freebies
    For expectant moms in-the-know—like you—there is a lot to learn! And, the PreNexa® pregnancy journal is a great all-in-one resource for your pregnancy. It includes tips from diet to travel and even exercise. There is also space for your notes and memorabilia collected during this exciting time...
  6. Hobbies
    I found this on a knitting site and thought I would share with those who knit and/or crochet. It is free templates to create your own knitting/crochet journal and I think they are fantastic! So here is something for those of you who want to become organized. :) Knitting America...
  7. Health challenges
    Okay folks. I want to drop 20 lbs. by spring..or sooner...we'll see. I was off sugar, but then fruit got expensive and I went back on sugar. Not good. I'm sick right now. I'm thinking if I keep a diet journal I will be able to pull myself back on track. Actually seeing what I'm taking in...
  8. Health challenges
    Woohoo, I found an unused journal while doing Fall Fling. It came with a calendar I bought last year and I never knew what to do with it. I've been doing an exercise program that I can log what I eat online but I need something to keep track while I'm not at home. I should clean more often! Cat
  9. Health challenges
    Okay, the weight is going in the WRONG direction, so I need to start really tracking what is going on here. I am trying to lose 27 pounds, and my goal is to lose at least two pounds per week, including this one! Breakfast today: 2 hard-boiled eggs, one cup of coffee (cream & sugar) and a...
  10. Health challenges
    Okay, techinally my journey began about 3 1/2 months ago. I started in June with watching what I was eating, (it started out as a low carb thing, and turned into just eating smaller amounts of things), anyway I lost about 10 in the first month or so, and now am up to 19 pounds lost!! My...
  11. Health challenges
    Hi all! Starting tomorrow, September 1st, I will be heading back to the gym for a three day per week fitness routine. The subsequent entries into this journal, made by myself, will detail everything from my starting weight to what I did at the gym and even includes what I had to eat throughout...
  12. Household notebooks and home manuals
    wondering if anyone has any forms/ideas that they would be willing to share about their home management book. Here's what's in mine....very Flylady but modified for what I need: Zones Weekly Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies recipes Quick Menu - broken down by day and by topic Make Your Own Food...
  13. Freebies
    Free Journey of Hope DVD, Journal, Pen Booklets click on sign up today or log in right side
  14. Health challenges
    Hi, I like reading everyone else's journals so thought it might be good for me and maybe someone else?!?!? for me to keep my own again. I's been a couple of years since I hit my goal weight and have been maintaining every since. Anyway here goes for this week- Monday B - fruit toast...
  15. Health challenges
    Day 1-Monday B/ 1c. Kashi puffed w/ 1/2c. f/f berry yogurt (3pts.) tea S./ 1 pice bread (2pts) 1 slice f/f cheese (1) 2 slices light ham (1) water L/ 2 bowls WW "0 Point" soup water S/ 1 small bowl chips...calculated at 5 points can of diet sprite Su./ 2 cups organic salad...
  16. Health challenges
    I am cab54, and have recently begun to realize that I can cut back on portions and try to move my butt, but I am never gonna truly diet again, so I'm going to have to kick the exercise part into high gear. :glass: Higher anyway. I'm 53 and about 10-12 years ago, I was a runner. Loved it...
1-19 of 107 Results