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  1. Meal planning
    I have a problem that's been bothering me for a while. I never seem to eat a real lunch. I'll eat a cookie, a snack bar and sandwich...basically carbs, carbs, and more carbs. If DH is home, we have "real lunch"...meat, veggie, and side. DD is now home for the summer and I really want to keep...
  2. Frugal Living
    In the documentary, Food Inc. They showed a family going through the drive thru buying off the dollar menu. Said they had to even though they knew it was bad for them because they were to busy (not a home much), it was cheap, and it filled them up. They spent $11 something for the family of 4...
  3. General Chat
    I went grocery shopping the other day. I had to buy a few things since i have my grandsons,since mommy is in California. Of course the store was packed (krogers). Don't get me wrong, FS program is a much needed thing these days, but i really think they need to have more guidelines in place in...
  4. Green Living
    ~I just ran across a site called Junk Market Style and it is loaded with unique project ideas and pictures from members of their own trash to treasure items. I'm having fun browsing and being inspired in the Member Junk section. :sun:
  5. Home Environment
    Do you have a junk drawer? If so, where is it? What is in there? Why do you let it continue to be a junk drawer? Are you totally against cleaning it out and repurposing it to be a "something" drawer, as opposed to a catchall? We have a junk drawer. It's under the counter that houses the...
  6. Just Tips I found this list of ways to help you get rid of junk using the Stumble toolbar. Its kind of funny and useful. I thought others might enjoy it! Here's an example: You keep saying it could be valuable...
  7. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I'm pretty much banning it for Christmas this year. The fact that I've basically banned the television as well will hopefully help with the gimmes this year as well, because most of their ideas for presents come off the tube. Every year, I pretty much spend a ton on toys that I think they'll...
  8. General Chat
    :call: I keep getting random calls on my cell - and it's like SPAM (I don't have a land line for this VERY reason!) It appears to be from a number that I can not call back or track. The automated call is trying to sell me something. Today's call was for a mortgage. Do they EVEN know who...
  9. Just Tips
    Since everyone did such a good job playing the pantry........ what about junking diving... I have a million little stuffs all over wondering what I should do with them... Lets see if we can think of something to either make, or other use for... I will start...since I started the game... I...
  10. Christmas
    I'm looking at all these commercials for toys and they all look like expensive trash. They don't look durable at all. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    I love garden junk. I do all sorts of stuff with junk in my garden, from making windchimes from can lids, to recycling an old raggedy wicker shelf frame I found on the side of the road into a trellis. I use old used up or broken pots, tools, etc. as "garden art". I have a water/bog garden...
  12. Freebies
  13. Family
    Scribbler, my twelve-yr-old, spends all of her free time daydreaming about clothes, friends, boys, and music. Any work is done with a lick and a promise. aka, shoddy jobs -- chores and school work. I have racked my brain to find something solid to interest her: creative writing, cooking...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    cant wait, thy're turning a side table ino a hallway clock, and a kitchen table into a pool table. Does anyone else watch this show? Its on HGTV. Mines on at 10:00 p.m. after Big Brothers.
  15. General Chat
    Does any one watch theis show, i think its so cool. 2 brothers taking other spaoples junk left out at night anfd making it into something new, thendrop off, take a quick pick and watch apiece away while the owners come out to view it, then take off.
  16. Home Environment
    Does everyone have one? I have two and I try to keep them organized as much as possible but the second I turn around the dh or kids throw stuff in.When I can open the drawer then I know its time to clean out Michelle:horse:
  17. Green Living
  18. Secondhand Shopping
    well we were in need of a toddler bed for my son. i looked at the furniture store for one and they run about 100 bucks. i didn't know if i REALLY wanted to spend that much on a frame when i dont know if he's actually going to sleep in this bed or not. we were on our way to a bday party...
  19. Home Environment
    Be cluttered again. How does yours look? I'm going to be decluttering mine again today. I really do need to put a sign on that drawer - throw the stuff out instead of in here. Anyone else's junk drawer like that?
  20. Freebies
1-20 of 40 Results