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  1. General Chat
    So turning on the computer today I realized I have a key on my keyboard with blue letters Fn. No idea what it does AT ALL!!! Really got me thinking that there are a bunch of keys on my keyboard that I do not use and have no idea what would happen if I did. My limited computer knowledge keeps...
  2. Home Environment
    If you were to turn over your keyboard & gently shake would you get some crumb action? Would they be there because of you? I confess, I eat breakfast (sometimes) & lunch (almost always) here at the keyboard & yes the crumbs are mine... :blush: I try to be neat but I guess some of those crumbs...
  3. Question and Answer
    My son's cat sat on the keyboard of his laptop and now his keyboard is disabled. I've had this happen before, but cannot remember what we did to fix it. Help, please!!!
  4. Question and Answer
    I'm a fast typer and this is driving me insane to say the least!!!!! My little one started pouncing on the keys the other day so I assume this is what messed it up. When I type just a couple words it will like backspace on it's on and erase some words and it starts to type in the middle of...
  5. General Chat
    I passed 1000 posts awhile ago....I'm putting it here for whoever is "in charge" of that. :) thanks :)
  6. General Chat
    I'm just a nerd - but I love the little awards!! pretty please ...............
  7. Freebies
    Get a free keyboard duster Just scroll down.
  8. General Chat
    LOL! Although I'll never catch up with the rest of you!
1-8 of 10 Results