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  1. Home Environment
    So sad, really. Her own husband didn't know. Serial 'hoarder’ found buried under piles of rubbish at home after four months - Telegraph I challenge everyone to fill an extra bag with trash this week.
  2. Relationships
    My dog, my wonderful Sadie, a boxer died daughter called her dad to tell him since it used to be his dog also.He told her I'm a murderer and I killed his dog.He then told her I also killed his wife by telling him when he left me for her that God always takes care of everything for...
  3. Stockpiling
    Stockpiling is such an essential in a frugal lifestyle. But I'd never really considered it seriously beyond just "stocking up" on whatever was on sale. But since I've been inspired (and so very well informed) by all of you on how to practically go about it, I've gotten really serious about it...
  4. General Chat
    OMGosh.....I'm SO upset. Everyone has hit a small animal, and on occasion, a large one. (I've hit a deer myself in the past.) Recently, my van seems to be a magnet for small animals. I've taken out two birds in the space of two days (last week) one of which got lodged deep in my grill and I...
  5. General Chat
    ~I normally wouldn't post such depressing news but I thought some of you might pray for his family.;_ylt=ApEuePDvh0rXOK9cooRJxvgnHL8C My first date with my hubby was a SCC concert. It's just so sad.~
  6. News you can use
    Drug error killed their little girl Emily Jerry was nearly ready to go home from a Cleveland hospital. The grapefruit-size tumor in her abdomen seemed gone, and ... </img>
  7. General Chat
    I left my cell phone on the counter to charge and somehow it got I've got no screen, dial tone, battery charge.....waaaaaa! I'm not even eligible to upgrade my phone yet. I knew I should have bought the insurance :drama:
  8. General Chat
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a> He was working on the driveway and brought me a "suprise". Yikes!
  9. General Chat
    May is shot. I did so well since the beginning of the year, living so frugally & paying off debt. I learned that it really doesn't take much money to get by when you plan. Then springtime happened. And the local garden centers opened up. :whistle: Last year, we did major renovations to our...
  10. Leisure & Media Arts
    Man Accused of Killing Roommate Over Toilet Paper AP MOSS BLUFF, Fla. (Feb. 21) - A man accused of fatally beating his roommate with a sledgehammer and a claw hammer because there was no toilet paper in their home has been arrested. Franklin Paul Crow, 56, was charged Monday with homicide in...
  11. Leisure & Media Arts Long Island Marine Killed In Iraq Family: Kremm Enlisted After Sept. 11 Attacks UPDATED: 7:14 pm EDT October 29, 2005 HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. -- Days before his death, a U.S. Marine from Long Island sent his mother a letter telling her not to worry...
  12. Support
    We got the news today that a couple of Navy Seals were killed in a helicopter crash in the Middle East. Please pray for their families along with the men they work with. This one has hit close to home for Malcom - they are guys he has worked with and been friends with since he went to BUDS...
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    Heard it on the news last night. A 14-year old was boogie-boarding about 100 feet off shore and was attacked by a bull shark around Destin, FL. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. This is so sad. We are leaving for Destin in the morning - don't think we'll be doing more than wading in...
  14. General Chat
    There have been two shark attacks here in recent weeks. One in the north of my state on a 38 year old man who was skin diving and the other on an 18 year old who was mucking about with his friends in the water off the coast of south australia. The kids were taking it in turns to be in the water...
  15. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Just out of curiousity, what do you think? -Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone gunman? -The CIA? -Castro? -The mob?
  16. General Chat
    I found this on the internet today. I thought at first it was Tim that had been killed, but it was his brother Jacob. :cry: Jacob was a very sweet guy and this just breaks my heart. U.S. Army Sergeant Jacob H. Demand Age: 29 From: Palouse, Washington Assigned To: 1st Sqd., 14th Cavalry Reg...
  17. General Chat
    I just found out tonight that one of my former students was killed today in Iraq. I taught with his mother for about 6 years off and on and my heart is just breaking for his family. So far there has been nothing on the news about it; I think they are trying to give the family time to get over...
  18. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I just saw it on the news., this really is just so horrible. There is no negotiating with terrorists. This will continue to happen until we catch these animals. I hope that happens soon.
  19. General Chat
    Have you all seen this news story???? This just freaks me out!!!! :eek: Why would he take a gun with real bullets into this thing anyway???:confused: I feel so badly for the families involved. Man Killed During Masonic Initiation AP Tue Mar 9, 4:24 PM ET Add U.S. National - AP to My Yahoo...
  20. Health and beauty
    This was awful.  I heard about it this afternoon.  He was driving around the track testing his tires.  Here is the aritcle from ESPN:   Renna killed during test at Speedway By Robin Miller Special to <TABLE cellSpacing=0 align=right border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width=2></TD> <TD...
1-20 of 22 Results