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  1. Support
    Kimmee.......... Where are you at? I sure do miss you........;) I hope everything is okay with you guys and I hope to hear from you soon......:angel: :D
  2. General Chat
    Went to the hospital today for a check-up, everythings fine! Afterwards Mike and I went to have a browse around the shops and called into the second-hand book store! Well there I saw a book that made me immediately think of you Kimmee, 'How to Manage your Mother.' Nearly made me laugh out loud...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I couldnt help but think of you when I came across this.
  4. General Chat
    Is that the "Governator" in your avatar?
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    :grball: :candle: :cake: Happy Birthday, to a very specail lady. May all your dreams come true Love ya :grball: :candle: :cake:
  6. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I'm hoping I didn't miss a thread somewhere. How did your craft sale go yesterday? And did you sell any kitties on eBay?
  7. General Chat
    Hey hon did you get your November swap package yet?????Let me know.....:reindeer:
  8. General Chat
    Or should I say blabbermouth :laugh: Congrats on post 2000 (and to think I alway's thought I got there quick) At your rate you are going to catch up and pass most of us. But we don't care cause we love having you here :hug2:
  9. General Chat
    Hey you!!!!!...Your November swap is on its way!!!!!!!!...Enjoy!!!!!!!!!:reindeer:
  10. General Chat
    about the Avon hydrofirming products, did you use the cold cream cleanser or hydrating products. The night cream, the 24 hour cream, or the day cream. Have you used the eye cream ? I'm getting ready to get my order ready so would like your input..
  11. General Chat
    Mother Nature made a boo-boo, she misdelivered all your snow to my house. Not a big deal but you are welcome to come get it any time you wish :toothy: Hope that if you got any snow up where you are that you are out having a great time in it! :snowman:
  12. General Chat
    My daughter Elizabeth has the same birthday as you, I thought that was rather neat she will turn 19. My girl grew up so fast now away at college and I do miss her so much.
  13. General Chat
    on 1000+ posts!! Welcome to the official rank of jabberjaw!! (and as you can see, you're in good company!! :D )
  14. General Chat
    Seeing Kimmee's signature made the song (******* Woman by Gretchen Wilson)  start going through my head.... so here it is (free site- click to hear and read lyrics) if anyone else wants to sing along!*******-woman-lyrics.html Here's the thing.... most...
  15. General Chat
    Hey Ladies, Can we all dogpile on Kimmee with lots of :hugz:: :smooch: and love? She's having a rough day and I just want her to know how much we all love her here and that we see the real Kimmee, the one with the tender, loving and caring heart. So Kimmee.... This is for you!!!!!! :hug2...
  16. Simple Living
    Our thank you this week goes to Kimmee. Kimmee, although you haven't been with us for long, your enthusiasm for the village is infectious. I love how you've joined right in and become a part of the village. A huge thank you goes to you this week. Lets all give Kimmee a great big thank...
  17. General Chat
    How was your first day???
1-18 of 19 Results