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  1. General Chat
    First, a disclaimer. I am not a cake eater, and cake is not on my diet. However, I ran across this recipe that sounds so intriguing. My friends who have tried it say it is delish, and that it really helps with portion control for those who are dieting. So I will try to attach it.
  2. Question and Answer
    I would like to try buying dried beans instead of the canned but was wondering which is the best ones to start with. Which beans do you prefer taste and texture wise?
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" height="144" width="108"...
  4. General Chat
    Do you love it or hate it? We are looking at flooring for our kitchen since it is now going to be coming out due to mother nature's damages in April. We don't know yet if the insurance is going to be covering it or not as we had damaged a large section of the floor ourselves prior to the new...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    I just don't have a clue how I am going to get it in anytime soon. First off it is more rainier now than it was in April, and I don't think I can afford it. I am just so sad that I won't have a garden this year. I did get the raspberries in the ground though. I guess that is a start. Any how...
  6. General Chat
    I found this political compass today took it and I should be voting for Gandhi or the Dali Lama! The Political Compass
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    So hubby and I bought our first home in December. The home was empty for 2 years before we bought it. Needless to say, our yard is in disarray. We have numerous flower beds and a nice sized garden and they seem to be well stocked with perrennial stuff... but there are dead leaves packed on top...
  8. General Chat
    What Kind of Dog are You? - iVillage I'm a Saint Bernard. LOL! The Saint Bernard is a devoted and gentle giant. Her calm personality allows her to relate well to children and adults alike while satisfying her need for companionship. She is at home in nature and enjoys exercise, though she is...
  9. Frugal Living
    Yesterday I saw a couple that made me do a double take: * Zuchini $2.79 per pound :huh: * tomatoes $2.99 per pound
  10. General Chat
    A blond business woman had just got on an airplane after a long hard day. All she wanted to do was sleep during the long flight. Next to her sat a man in a business suit with alot of electronic equipment. He turned to the blond and said, "Lets play a game during the flight." "No, thank...
  11. Support
    My wife took Christmas Eve Eve off so we could have a game day together. I found the game I really wanted to try with her in the attic after days of searching, only to discover, on said Game Day, that I was missing pieces and we couldn't play. Then her sinus infection flared up and we went to...
  12. Support
    I feel kind of bad for feeling this way but I really am dreading the holidays. I'd really like to go sit on a deserted island and have a drink alone than pretend everything is ok and try to ignore the white elephant in the room. However for my kids, husband, my brothers widow and his daughter...
  13. Kitchen Basics
    The healthy kind, not Coco puffs. :) I usually eat Fiber One but getting bored and looking to change the diet up a little.
  14. Kitchen Basics
    Also, what kind/brand of boullion do you use, if at all? Do you make your own homemade taco seasonings, rice seasonings, etc? What about beef stew? Do you buy the ready-made beef stew seasonings or make your own? My favorite spices/seasonings are: Garlic Basil Oregano Rosemary Cinnamon Taco...
  15. Stockpiling
    Are your stockpile items separate from the items that you use regularly or your regular groceries that you buy each pay day? Do you have a pantry and then a stockpile area? Or do you eat out of your stockpile and replenish and add more in each time you get groceries? What sorts of things do...
  16. General Chat
    so what kind of car/truck/SUV/van/ you drive..... what's it's stats.... i drive a 1999 black mercury mountaineer....i've had it since it was 'born' and will drive it until its demise...(whatever that may be)....has just over 100,000 miles on it.... i also have a 1997 red chevy pickup...
  17. Needle Arts
    I making some dishcloths and was wondering what type of yarn does everyone else use for their dishcloths? I'm using acrylic worsted weight. :teddy2:
  18. General Chat
    There are many people that we deal with in different capacities, especially in the service industries, who might appreciate a kind word or a little friendly conversation, some kind of encouragement. My teen daughters have both worked in a local store. We've had many conversations about how the...
  19. Frugal Living
    I'm curious... what kind of budgets do you all use, if you use a "budget" at all? By that I mean do you have a "zero-based" budget (where you determine where every last penny is spent up front, even if you've got some sort of "misc" category), do you do something expense based (where you list...
  20. Sewing
    I am looking into some sewing machines so I can do some projects. I would like to make shirts that I can sew names and picture on the upper left hand side of the shirt. Would like to download other pictures onto the machine so I can sew them on towels, blankets, and other items. I just don't...
1-20 of 174 Results