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  1. Needle Arts
    Today, at the library knitting class for kids, one woman showed up with a partially-completed afghan. "I got it at the thrift shop," she said. I admired it. Later, she showed us her interchangable needle kit that she had bought on ebay. I said, "A-HA! Another bargain hunter!" (implying...
  2. General Chat
    I finally met someone who is frugal in my little town! :D She's a single mom with two kids and I got to know her through work. She wants to start making things to sell at the local Farmer's Market and to go splits with me on bulk purchases. That'd be excellent, soooooo much easier to start...
  3. General Chat
    Kindred's dear uncle passed away today. He was her dad's brother and was very special to Kindred. Please remember in your prayers and thoughts, as this is the second death in her family in 3 weeks. Kin, sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. Know that if there is anything I can...
  4. General Chat
    Some of you may know already, but Kindred Spirit's (from here, FM's and FF) father passed away today. Please remember her family in your prayers. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results