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  1. Find Your Kith
    I did searches and couldn't find a kith for people who work at home, so I thought I'd start one. Kiths don't seem to be all that active, but maybe we can change that. I'm a novelist who works from my home office. Like many writers, I'm not rich, but I keep it going. I'd like to integrate more...
  2. Find Your Kith
    OK dudes, who has a man cave on here? Since it get's bone chilling cold here in the winter, and I hate being stuck in the house all day on weekends, this is my only savior. I love yo hang out in the cave!
  3. Find Your Kith
    Okay, how many do it yourselfers are here? A lot I would assume, because it is very hard to be frugal when you have to pay plumbers and electricians along with all the other craftsmen, big money per hour to repair everything that always goes wrong with home, cars, appliances etc. I consider...
  4. Find Your Kith
    :ghost2: Paranormal :ghost2: Definition: of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena. Examples:celestial, cryptozoology, fairy, ghostly, invisible...
  5. Find Your Kith
    Any cross fitters here?
  6. Find Your Kith
    I received a new kindle fire for Christmas this year, and I've noticed a few members posting kindle information. I think it would be great if we could put all kindle freebies in one place. Anyone interested???
  7. Question and Answer
    I've searched all over this site. I'm not finding anything! Thank you for your help!
  8. General Chat
    Clan of Barefooters.
  9. Find Your Kith
    I find that I lurk here and I love all the ideas and I am inspired by everyone's frugality...but I find that I struggle with being frugal. Like really struggle. I love suppers out and weekends away. I love expensive cheese and organic milk. I love lunches out and coffee from Timmies. I love...
  10. Find Your Kith
    Attempting to find friends. If you are: OMG NATALIA IS GETTING KIDNAPPED! :hurray: Right. I still need to figure out something...
  11. Find Your Kith
    I have PTSD as a result of.... well it's a very long story. Anyways, it makes it interesting because one of the things I have anxiety over is finances. I am working on getting debt free because I think that will lower the anxiety levels. But I also have to be very careful not to scrimp on...
  12. Find Your Kith
    I wondered how many FV'ers were like me and very isolated socially? Bit of backgound: Happily married but dh works full time and long hours.We are childfree by choice. When I was younger I had friends with whom I worked and played. In my thrities we moved house to a completely different...
  13. Find Your Kith
    My son , 7 yrs. is diagnosed with ADHD and mild Aspergers syndrome. I just wondered if anyone wants to start an ADHD kith to talk.
  14. Find Your Kith I've always wanted to read the entire Bible, but I've always fallen short. I'm looking for some support to keep me going in my journey to get it done. Anyone want to join me in this kith? I'd love to start ASAP. I'm thinking at...
  15. Find Your Kith
    Calling all teachers! Preschool, grade school, middle/junior high school, high school, college/university, public, private, parochial, part time, full time, trade school........ if I left out your area, forgive me, and jump right in! Let's answer a few get acquainted questions, and then I...
  16. Find Your Kith
    Anyone in their twenties?
  17. Find Your Kith
    I have severel businesses I work out of my home and i love it. Recently I got bored after about 8 months and took a temp job from my old firm for about 8 to 12 weeks to help them out. I am on my second week and I didnt realize how good I had it at home! I am sitting there making good money...
  18. Find Your Kith
    hope this one's not already posted - couldn't find it. But I'm wondering if anyone else lives "minimally"? Not the art movement or governmental stuff... just living with basic needs... and not much else. anyone else live a relatively simple/minimalist lifestyle? :)
  19. Find Your Kith
    I recently picked up knitting and have already gone way past what I thought I was capable of. I love it!! And I am excited to give homemade gifts this Christmas. Any other knitters out there? :knit:
1-19 of 87 Results