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  1. Question and Answer
    My kitten who is about 4 months old is having potty problems. If the litter box is dirty he will go poop on my oriental rug. Granted it is in rough shape because it is my dogs favorite place to sleep ( besides the couch or clothes basket) it sets in the hallway beside a heater vent for the...
  2. Pets
    My Daughter and me just spent an hour trying to catch a kitten that was thrown from a car window on a VERY busy street. We found her/him under a car at a car repair place.... I went to pick her up and she took off running! She ran under a truck and disappeared. We looked everywhere! We got some...
  3. Freebies
    Purina is giving away free Purina Kitten Kits. Register or log in & enter code 3407 to get your free kit. The kit includes:Kitten ID tag, coupon for free bag of kitten Chow (up to $9) and a coupon for free 7KG pail of MAXX Cat litter (up to $14). About Purina | Breeder/Vet ID
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    Receive a coupon good for a free 1.5kg bag of Pro Plan Kitten Food. Complete the form to claim yours.
  5. Pets
    I have practically no hands-on cat experience and was hoping you could provide me with some been there done that feedback! Ex is getting DS#2 a cat (or kitten)…but the cat (or kitten) will be residing in MY home so I’m doing the research and have final say in the age as well as where the cat...
  6. Freebies
    •400g kitten dry food sample •Food measuring cup •Sachet of wet food To help you celebrate the arrival of the new member of your family, VetUK has teamed up with Hills Science Plan - one of the UK's leading pet food suppliers - to give you a FREE "Kitten Pack". | VetUK
  7. Pets
    he came in through my front door. the neighbor knocked on my door and said - "is this your cat?" i said no. he said "it's a nice kitten but look how skinny he is. it will be below freezing tonight and we don't know where he lives. i think the neighbors down the street moved out and left him."...
  8. Pets
    My DH and I were out fishing and I heard an noise on the river bank so we went over to the edge and we found a kitten. Where we found it there is no road atleast a mile away, no camps, or houses, it was all woods. Somebody must have dropped it off and it made its way to the water. The poor...
  9. Freebies
    Essential Kitten Care Kit
  10. Pets
    Hi Folks, I wanted to post an update on our new baby, Heidi, who was crying all the time and hiding under the bed... She is not crying anymore - YAY!!! :yippee: She has been slowly exploring the house and even found the other cats' food bowls and had a snack. Her big sister, Bebe, has found a...
  11. Pets
    Hi Folks, We adopted a new baby kitten (10 weeks old) from someone on FreeCycle. We brought her home yesterday afternoon about 4:30. We named her Heidi, and she is just the cutest little thing! :) Some of our current furbabies were born here (we inherited the Mom when we bought our house). We...
  12. Freebies 35mm pendant with image from vintage kids books embellished with a vintage brass flower and on copper chain (16-18" adjustable). Pendant is one sided with copper setting.
  13. General Chat
    This is the new baby
  14. General Chat
    I was driving home from work, feeling sorry for myself ....just a mood I guess, nothing really wrong. My husband calls and asks me not to be mad, guess what .........he found a kitten. Well, he was completely covered in grease...hard to tell that he is really all white. Well, we immediately...
  15. General Chat
    I have NEVER had such a destructive kitten! I was washing clothes, phone rang, left the top off the detergent, door to washer/dryer closet open. The cat jumped up on the dryer and knocked over the detergent! I now have half a bottle of SOAP in my carpet!!!! I just soaked some up in a towel...
  16. Pets
    We got our new kitten yesterday, and she won't eat anything. All of the kittens were eating cat food when we picked her up, I bought the same kind, but all she will do is drink some milk. What to do????
  17. General Chat
    I'm going to have to find a home for him. He's just tearing everything up. I just caught him chewing on the silk flower tiebacks I have on my curtains in here. I've tried everything, bought him toys and stuff, but he's just destructive. He really needs another kitten to play with, and I just...
  18. Freebies
  19. General Chat
    and knocked over the paint pan full of primer all over herself. She flipped out and ran for safety covered head to toe with milk white primer. I chased her down by following her foot prints and found her trying to lick herself clean underneath the dresser. She made the cuttest disgused face and...
  20. Freebies
    Free bag of a protein-rich Purina® kitten food Simply fill out the form below and we will mail you a voucher for a free bag of a protein-rich Purina® kitten food. It's a limited-time offer, while supplies last, so act now! Limit one coupon per household. No purchase necessary. Questions...
1-20 of 37 Results