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  1. Pets
    A heavily pregnant stray adopted us a couple months back. She had five kittens. Three are homed, but I cannot for the life of me find homes for the two girls of the litter. Craigslist, flyers at the vet's office, local classifieds give us nothing. We spayed the mother last week. She's a...
  2. General Chat
    My hubby just came off for lunch and what does he bring in the house, but 5 little kittens. Someone just dropped them off in the road real close to where we live. We can't keep them as we have 2 cocker spaniels and it won't be a happy household. I already called the dog warden who have no way...
  3. Pets
    Oh boy....we've been proclaiming to our friends and family....when the very priviledged poodle (Queen of Quite a Lot) crosses the bridge to the other side we will have no more pets. I'll say it more pets. Last night we were outside and heard a kitten crying and crying. It was about...
  4. Pets
    This is them sleeping. They aren't fighting anymore. Once in a while they will roll around, but they are playing.:applause:
  5. Pets
    Two weeks ago, we got Sassy. Today, I got her twin sister (not kidding), Sam (samantha). Sassy keeps trying to fight with Sam. Will they stop? Do I break up the fighting? Do I just let them go? Sassy is smaller than Sam.
  6. Pets
    Finally in the last few weeks weve gotton 3 of the 6 barn cats fixed.. Momma cat (Sasha) was the hardest, she is really wild so was hard to catch. She got out at the vets office,, but now shes all healed up, and doesnt have to worry about more kittens,, shes about 5 years old,, all she does now...
  7. Pets
    I am thrilled to announce that Ali's Outlaws have arrived on Nov. 11th! :cheer4: Watching the kittens being born was something special. Ali is a wonderful mother and the kittens are thriving. I will try to get some pictures tonight to share with y'all! Thanks for letting me gush like a...
  8. Pets
    Somebody please help me, I have never done this before! Aack! Today DH and I went to the Animal Shelter (pound) because we heard on the radio that there was a dachshund there. Well, the dachshund was gone, but... Someone had dropped off a box with 5 baby kittens in it. Their mother was hit...
  9. Pets
  10. Pets
    Well Miss Kitty had her second litter a few weeks ago. I got to be there and watch this time...that was so cool!! She wouldn't let me leave her side the whole time. If I left (for the potty or something) she would sit at the door and meow quite loudly! She had 4 this time as opposed to the 6...
  11. Pets
    And is it just automatic if the kitten food is there or does mom teach them how to do that?       I've put some kitten food down, but she eats it and the kittens run all over the place, not even the slight bit interested in the food.    They will be 5 weeks on Sat.
  12. Pets
    Ours are still pretty laid back and don't walk yet. Anyone know when they start to really walk, not crawl?
  13. Pets
    The cat we rescued from the dump is having kittens. When we got her, we were told she was fixed!!! Well, she wasn't. She was pregnant when she came, so were now having kittens. Two so far......UGh!!! Not what we wanted, but will take them for now and see how she does. I'll...
  14. Pets
    Hi all, I've been up all night with our cat Gracie. She is a "high needs" kind of cat that doesn't like to be left alone when she is in labor. She gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens, unfortunately one of them was stillborn and we had to bury the poor little guy this morning under one of our...
  15. Needle Arts
    Kittens in a Row Afghan ~ click here
  16. Pets
    We have a cat who will be delivering her new kittens soon.. I can't wait.... We have a cat who will be delivering her new kittens soon.. I can't wait.... The cat is supposely my neighbor's cat however he doesn't take care of her and he said he wishes that she would have never been born when...
1-16 of 18 Results