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  1. Needle Arts
    I want to knit/crochet a blanket. So far, I have learned how to use the knifty knitter. Does anyone know if I can make a blanket using the knifty knitter and which one?
  2. Needle Arts
    i have a 5 pack of these i got for a few dollars at a thrift - has anyone ever used them - do you think they would be easier/ faster to use than crocheting to make beanie type hats for my dd . i had a patient for work once who made hats that were sold and the money donated to charity...
  3. Needle Arts
    I do not know how to knit. One of my goals is to learn how to knit in 2010. I went to the store to get some knitting supplies and saw the knifty knitter. Would you recommend this for a beginner? Is it easier? Any experience with it? Is it faster? complicated?? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  4. Needle Arts
    I learned to knit years ago, as a child, from a book. I only ever mastered the basic stitch - & when I taught myself to crochet (again, from a book) I abadoned it all together. Lately I've seen such beautiful patterns, & all the knitters on here make such lovely pieces, I want to knit! So, I dug...
  5. Needle Arts
    I'm not at all fearless. I love the idea of challenging projects, but the reality is that my learn-new-stuff time is very limited. I really like the mindless routine projects that I can do while helping with homework or chatting with DH. Are YOU fearless?
  6. General Chat
    I would like a nice cardigan to wear around the house in my college's colors. I don't knit, my wife doesn't knit. I have not found anything heavy in the right color for less than a fortune. Does anyone knit here that would take a commision job like this? Am I out of my mind again?
  7. Needle Arts
    Angrypuppy bought me some knitting lessons for my birthday last week and tonight is my second lesson. I'm making a hat (see picture) and so far absolutely loving it. Any tips for a brand spankin' new beginner? TIA!
  8. Needle Arts
    I am so totally making these for my knitting swap partners!!
  9. Needle Arts
  10. Needle Arts
    Knifty Knitter Scarves Finally me and Ryan were able to take our quik knit class. The loom is made by a company called Knifty Knitters. The lady teaching the class got them from Provo Crafts. They are sold at Michaels and A.C. Moore but so far our JoAnns and Walmart do not carry them. They...
  11. Needle Arts
    OK, don't laugh. I have been trying for about 3 hours now trying to "cast on" i am getting frustrated, i can't figure it out. Any tips? LOL, before i move onto the patterns i suppose I should know how to get the yarn onto the needles!
  12. Needle Arts
    I want to try knitting. I have a kit that I bought, it is supposed to give you step by step instudtions but I haven't had much success with it.:( Any tips or know of any place in Houston that gives classes?? TIA!!
1-12 of 12 Results