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  1. General Chat
    How did you hear about frugal village? Internet Search! What interests you here? Frugal tips, DIY, Recipes and meal planning. What will you contribute? Recipes, humor :) , IDK right now, my mind is blank at the moment. Do you know any other members here? No, I don't believe so, but the...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    but, I won't. I am giving up the battle of trying to get him to see that a lump sum payoff would be more beneficial to us than getting the monthly payment for the next 10 years (if he lives that long). Him: How much of the money would you want to put into the IRA? Me: None, why would we...
  3. General Chat
    I work in the dental field so I have drank diet coke for a long time. The problem is that even diet coke in large amounts isnt good for you so I am tring to cut back. Today is day one and I am NOT doing good. Dh had the car today and I actually thought about walking in the 12 degree weather...
  4. Kitchen Basics
    Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching and I'm looking for some really fabulous recipes to Wow my Aunt. I expect this will be the last time my Aunt will be with us for the holidays. She has Cancer and is in the last stages. I'd really like to make the Holidays special for her. She LOVES...
  5. Just Tips
    Hey gang, I was wondering if any of you had a homemade recipe for something to the Windex Anti-Fog. I just called their hotline and learned that this product was discontinued in 2002! :yikes: I've only had this bottle for a few years and have only used it on my car windows and bathroom mirror...
  6. Health challenges
    Is anyone still keeping track? I have been lax too Absolutely nothing over the weekend Mon: 1 mile on treadmill - 20 Minutes Tue: Squats, lunges, sit ups, calf lifts ~ 20 minutes Michelle????? Anyone???
  7. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I am going to my annual Christmas ornament and dessert exchange on the 12th. I am not a baker for sure, but does anyone have a FOOLPROOF, to die for cookie/dessert recipe I could use? Signed...Desperate in Pasadena:(
  8. General Chat
    Howdy ya'll.Long time since I've been on.I've missd it.Well I've been up to a lot lately started working in May,quit last Thursday(it was a daycare,and they treated my kids badly) Also got all 5 of my wisdom teeth pulled out in May and then had dry sockets.June I got my sister married,I really...
1-8 of 8 Results