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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    This article>> Moms, teach your daughters about money too - Money - got me to thinking about how much the S.O. knows about the finances of the home. Do you AND your significant other know about all the accounts, where the investments are and how to access them in the event of...
  2. Blog
    One Way To Find Out When contemplating whether to do something or not, a plucky voice in our heads may say, "You never know until you try." This is time-honored wisdom that encourages us to be game rather than to hold back. It reminds us that it is only through experience that we learn about...
  3. Southwest Pals
    Well Texan FVers, I need your advice. For various reasons, fDH and I are wanting to leave Great Britain and have discussed emigrating to the USA over the last 3 years but are really stepping it up now. We've done a bit of research into areas to live and work in, and although Craig wants to...
  4. General Chat I found this link on a UK Christian forum I am a member of. FreeRice is a website with questions that improve your general knowledge, but every time you get a question right you donate 20 grains of rice to the UN food programme. It adds up quickly! There is plenty of...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I have found this hand crank machine for making cereal flakes and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this thing. Marga Roller grain mill This easy to use mill can be used to roll your own fresh cereal flakes from oats, wheat, and rye. Since we grind our own flour and have the wheat...
  6. Thanksgiving
    Take the Thanksgiving knowledge test to see how well you know your Thanksgiving history. I scored a 7 but lots of my answers were guesses :D.
  7. General Chat
    Here is a general knowledge quiz for you to try! (Don't know if this is the right forum for it!) :confused: Julia
  8. Health and beauty
    Ds#1 - just blacked out, almost fell (we got to him quick enough) and then proceeded to throw up everywhere. Does anyone have any knowledge of seizures or have gone them yourself? Edited to add: He said everything went black on him for a few seconds.
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Here it is:
  10. Quilting
    Explain what the difference is between sashing and borders?
  11. Education
    I just wanted to let you all know I saw the Core Knowledge series books at Sam's tonight for $8.48 each ($12.95 retail each). If you are unfamiliar with these books, check out the website.......
1-11 of 11 Results