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  1. Kitchen Basics
    cake batter rice crispy treats | gimme some oven
  2. Kitchen Basics
    Candy Corn Krispie Treats 1/2 c. butter 10 c. Rice Krispies cereal 9 c. miniature marshmallows 2 c. mixture of original candy corn and Indian candy corn 3/4 c. miniature chocolate chips Candy pumpkins Yellow and red food colouring Lightly grease a large baking pan. Melt butter and...
  3. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    We just finished a monstrous batch of Rice Krispie Treats.... Before I sit here & eat every single solitary one of these addictive little confections, somebody please let me know if they freeze well!! I'm also working up menus into September & these are listed as snack on 17 September - if I...
  4. Kitchen Basics
    I have made my share of rice krispie squares but this is the best so far. You just cannot eat one piece. I is a bit more time consuming & putting the top layer on you have to spray your hands lightly with pam but it is definitly worth it. If you like caramel you'll like this one. 1 1/2 pk...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    Will they have the same consistency and taste if I do? I'd love to be able to make them ahead of time if I can...
1-5 of 5 Results