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  1. General Chat
    ... and you thought you had a bad day.... Photo: Large Naked Woman Stomps On Car In Noe Valley [NSFW]: SFist
  2. Creative Cooking
    We are having a chili cook-off at work on the first day of Autumn as lunch for everyone here. Staff will bring in crockpots of chili to be judged and then served up for lunch. The committee I'm on will supply the crackers, desserts ect. I volunteered for cookies, which I would prefer to do...
  3. Pets
    We are going on our first camping trip of the year this weekend, also our first trip with our new dog. The park allows dogs but says they have to be on a 6 ft leash at all times. However it says they can not be tied to a tree, a table, a post ect. Basically if it's a fixer you can't tie the...
  4. Dave Ramsey
    If making a credit card payment saves $ on interest and would free up that same amount on the credit card that could be used for an emergency, why not do that? Is it to get off the merry-go-round of credit cards? Is that really more important than getting this debt knocked out? I have such a...
  5. Home Environment
    So we've been on the lookout for a 3 bedroom apartment, but have been unsuccessful. We spoke to our landlord, and he will be renting us a much larger 2 bedroom for the same price we are paying now. So we are going to have a master bedroom that is the size of two bedrooms (the units directly...
  6. General Chat
    preferably in a records management position, but not necessary, and would be willing to help me with a course assignment? It involves answering some rather detailed questions about a series of your records - but just about their physical aspects, nothing about content other than a document name...
  7. Home Environment
    We're due to be out of the house (if the inspection goes awesomely) on the 21st of December. We have someone coming in and moving our items for us, but what do you do about the ones you don't want touched? We've decided to bring with us the items that we don't want to be touched by the movers...
  8. Christmas
    And most of them are togeather to open presents do you spend the same amount on each one? Even if you have to get extra presents for some to equal it out to $ amount?
  9. Just Tips
    I usually buy large containers of all of these (because the price per ounce was cheaper) and break them down into smaller containers. I store the large containers in my basement on shelves where I keep my stockpile. The vinegars hot sauce & oils get downsized via funnels into old clean soy sauce...
  10. Just Tips
    well my latest project is saving the large soda bottles. we drink a lot of diet soda so im saving them and after i wash them out with hot soapy water i fill them with water and i put a drop of bleach in each one and store the water in my basement for emergency's like when the water service gets...
  11. Frugal Living
    We got out tax return back on Thursday. We had planned on spending a good chunk of it on the kitchen. I'm just having trouble letting go of all that cash. :( It's not so bad when it's in little segments. But the problem is that the countertop, sink and faucet will eat up most of the check. I...
  12. Laundry
    Is it more efficient to dry one large load or two small loads. I am confronted with this dilemma because of unexpected rain. If I remove towels from the equation, I could dry one big load. I just am not sure which would use less energy.
  13. Large Families
    Hubby and I are looking to expand our family through adoption. We are hoping to adopt a sibling group of 3. I have a stepson who is here every other weekend, and occasionally during the week. We have a 3 bedroom home with a tad over 1100 square feet. My question to ya'll is how do you...
  14. Just Tips
    I'm looking for ideas that would let me re purpose some large plastic laundry detergent containers. These have the bubble push spout on them. I tried thinning my homemade detergent but it didn't flow well from the spout. :( Any ideas on how to reuse these before they go to the recycle bin?
  15. Freebies
    Complete short survey reviewing Mr. Jim's latest TV commercial for FREE Large 1 Topping Pizza from Mr. Jim's with coupon code sent by email. LA, NC, TX, and WY only. One code allowed per person, email address or IP address.
  16. Large Families
    Did you plan on having a big family or did you figure you would just see how many "little blessing" you would have? Before dh and I were married, there were discussions about 4 kids. We would have been fine with less, but 4 is a good number for us.
  17. Homesteading and gardening
    I really like the way those large decorative grasses look. Several in our area are using them in landscaping, so I know that our climate is good for them. I've heard them called by various names such as Plume Grass, Pampas Grass, etc. I'd like to plant some in a shady area, close to the...
  18. Beverages
    mint tea for large events Recipe Descriptioninexpensive way to hydrate a crowd served for buffets, weddings or feasts Preparation Steps: Level of Difficulty:easy Time Needed:15 minutes Ingredients:instant tea, water mint extract sugar Serves:100-250...
  19. Just Tips
    Help! Do any of you have frugal ideas to feed a large crowd? Our family gathers every Sunday (and sometimes Saturday) in the summer mostly. We live on a lake and when it is hot where else would you want to be? I love having them but feeding them gets to be expensive. We usually grill but I...
1-20 of 75 Results