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  1. Laundry
    Does anyone else use soap and cleaners from the Dollar Tree? My husband still works but his uniforms are washed by the company so I only have his weekend clothes and mine to wash. Since we are over 50 we aren't super active anymore and don't get that dirty. I started using the laundry liquid...
  2. Laundry
    I tried doing a search, but do you have any idea how many laundry threads there are? :surprise: Let me preface by saying that I know a lot of gals on here make their own laundry detergent, but since I work 7 days a week, I find it easier to buy. I buy the Tide when on sale/with coupon and it...
  3. Laundry
    This morning I learned about Soap Nuts, which are apparently the fruit of a tree and make great laundry soap. You just throw one in with your load of laundry. The Sojourner says a large bag costs $30 and lasts 300 loads, and that they work great! A natural laundry detergent alternative, yay!
  4. Laundry
    Ingredients 2 cups washing soda (available at supermarket) 2 cup baking soda (try scenting with 10 drops sweet orange essential oil) 2 cup finely grated soap or 1 cup soap flakes Instructions Blend all ingredients in a heavy plastic container. Use a 1/2 cup for each load of laundry...
1-4 of 4 Results