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    I used to love layaway until I started using credit cards. Now, I am not using credit cards and just found out that Kmart and Sears have Layaway. What happened? I would love to use layaway again.
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    I heard about this site on the news this morning and thought I would share: Take care and God bless.
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    I saw this poll and decided to post it here. Please respond to it.
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    my mother mentioned she heard this the other day and I thought I would post what I found ( sorry, I was unable to post the Wall Street Journal article I found as I don't have 15 posts yet, but perhaps if you Google layaway and news, you can find it) . People can't get credit and the stores need...
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    Kmart.. Just saw it on their flyer in whoo hoo Christmas shopping this week.
  7. General Chat I personally dont use layaway but I know alot of people do.I found this petition on another website if anybody is interested :dancing: :grouphug2 Michelle
1-7 of 7 Results