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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Awesome article to read. Smart girl. Fear of student loan debt made me skip fancy schools for a free one
  2. Freebies
    Sign up for an account and you can download the game for free
  3. General Chat
    Is anybody watching this? It's the world series with Hawaii playing Mexico. These kids are tough!
  4. General Chat
    DSs are in Scouts with three sets of twins and they are friends with two sets. Set #1 are nice kids who live about two miles form us and they all get together now and then. Set #2 are VERY, very nice boys, homeschooled and sooo polite it is unreal. They are very down to earth folks. Well...
  5. Freebies
  6. Freebies
    Free~ 2006 Photo Calendar~Bible League!!
  7. Freebies To receive complimentary Minor League Baseball tickets: 1) Purchase any 2 packages of Pepperidge Farm® hot dog or hamburger buns. 2) Bring the two empty packages from the Pepperidge Farm® hot dog or hamburger buns to any participating Minor...
  8. Health and beauty
    Spring training, hall of fame, every day scores and all things baseball~
  9. Health and beauty
    You guys are stuck with me yammerin away tonight cuz I am a baseball widow. I usually don't get on here til about 11:00 but I 've been on most of the evning now blabbin everone's ears off cuz... I HATE BASEBALL! I'd rather watch trout fishing for crying out loud!! with the "Datsa Big Beauty...
  10. General Chat
    Our local Little League baseball team (11-12yo) won the Southeastern Regional final last night and get to go to the Little League World Series!! This game was broadcast on ESPN and I was so proud of the boys! I don't really know any of these boys personally but one of the teachers at my kids...
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    ...Gentlemen last night. I really enjoyed it! I am waiting until it is available as a previewed item at BlockBuster and then I will buy it. Has anyone else seen it? What di you think?
1-11 of 11 Results