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  1. Support
    rushed to the hospital tonight. I don't know why yet. But I'm thinking mostly seizures. They are uncontrollable. She just turned 5 this month. She has beaten most odds. Her mother was told she would not see 1. Well she has. Please pray for her. Fern
  2. Support
    prayers. She was rushed to childrens hospital this week. She was having a siezure and they could not get it to stop. The ambulance rushed her to childrens hospital. where they worked on her to stop it. This is the first time the meds did not work. Poor little girl is only 4 and has been...
  3. General Chat
    Is that you in your new avatar? Very pretty lady!! That's it...I have nothing more to say. Hope I didn't sound like a weirdo! LOL.
  4. General Chat
    Well I finely got a hold of Paula and they are home. She's doing a lot better....... I just hope it is it for awhile. Poor little girl has been thru so much. So mom is happy and I'm glad things are better. Fern
  5. Support
    I just got of the phone with Paula and she let me know Lexi under went emergency surgery last night. She stated acting funny and having seizures. Her shunt had malfuntioned. So now she is in critical condition. They have also determined that she is legally blind. Little girl has gone thru so...
  6. Pets
    Well, we have found out that Lexi has tapeworms. She is 8-9 weeks old, which is old enough to use tapeworm medicine on. I just hate to see that. Poor kitty. Also, apparently they leak out 'de booty' and they are all over the bed. Ugh. I hope we can get rid of them fast. The website says to use...
  7. General Chat
    Lexi was taken to Childrens Hospital this afternoon after being taking to another hospital yesterday. She has been running a 103 fever, The first hospital sent her home. She couldn't keep anything down so she is dehydrated. Childrens Hospital admitted her. It has something to do with her...
  8. General Chat
    Lexi came home from the hospital she did really well with the surgery. She's still a little fussy but that is to be expectedPaula didn't stress out to bad. So everything went great Fern
  9. General Chat
    surgery today at childrens hospital. They will be putting a shunt in to releive the pressure on her brain and eyes....... poor baby she will be 10 months old on the 27th Fern
  10. General Chat
    I talked to Paula today....Lexi will be having surgery on Dec 19th. They will be putting a shunt in. Hopefuly it will relieve the pressure on her brain and her eyes.... Paula is at the same stage right now when she had Lexi. She is seeing the Dr weekly. Well are all hopping she will carry longer...
  11. General Chat
    Well I talked to Paula today and Lexi has to go back to childrens hospital tomorrow. Her head grew 10cms. She has a fever too. They will be sedating her to run all the tests. She is also anemic. Pras needed. They will decide tomorrow if she will be admitted. Fern
  12. General Chat
    Well theres good new and bad news.......... Lexi is doing good. They started her on physical therapy. So she will be moving her legs and stuff. She's almost 6 mos old now. She is off the monitors (breathing and heart. She's still really tiny. Now Paula is 3 months pregnet. and already starting...
  13. General Chat
    :hurray: Well everything is good. Lexi weighs 5lbs 12 ozs. And now the big news..... She went home yesterday. She still has a few problems but they are fixable. They see the surgen on Wensday to put the shunt in. and she has appts. to see the eyr Dr and hearing tests. Mom's in 7th heaven...
  14. General Chat
    :hurray: Well lets see she now weighs 4 lbs 12ozs she's off the feeding tube and is doing real well with the bottle She sould be going home in 2 weeks As long as mom keep the appts. with the nuroligests She has fluid on the brain but the dont want to put a shunt in until they have no choice...
  15. General Chat
    Well things are going great for baby Lexi. She's 4 lbs 1 oz and has been breathing on her own for about a week. She still can regulate her body tempeture. But She will soon. They are hopping she will get to go home by her due date May 28th. She's had her 1st set of shot and no reaction to...
  16. General Chat
    Well Baby Lexi has had a major setback. She has been interbated again. She stopped breathing yesterday so the had no choice. Her left lung is not inflating. She is very pale and not moving around. Her left lung has an infection in it. She has had 2 blood transfusions. The Dr has told them that...
  17. General Chat
    Well baby Lexi is 30 days old now and weights 2 plbs 11 ozs. Her blood infection is better. Her lung infection is still bad. Mommy says sh has puffy cheeks, and you can't see her ribs anymore. she is still on a respirator. Its at 21%. Fern
  18. General Chat
    Baby Lexi is have a little problem in her tummy. They are hopping its just gas. They are going to do something about it. Mommy isn't doing very well. She has swelling from her feet to her hips and her blood pressure is sky high. So it looks like she will be addmited tonight. Fern:(
  19. General Chat
    Her name is Lexi Ann she weighs 1 lb and is 13 inches long. She is a fighter. Mommy only got to see her one time before she was transfered to children hospital. she's doing better then expected. She trys to open her eyes and she is kicking. Mommy is still not allowed out of bed. They are giving...
1-19 of 19 Results