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  1. General Chat
    Dh & I went to Menard's today to get lightbulbs for his garage and they had CFL 13 watt (60 watt equ.) 3 pk. lightbulbs on sale for 74 cents a package!!!! Since it was such a good price we picked up 18 packages...shouldn't need to buy bulbs for quite awhile :D. Last time I picked up a 3 pack...
  2. Stockpiling
    Incandescent lightbulbs, the ones teardrop shaped with filament in them, will not be sold past December/January. You 'need' to purchase the Energy Saver ones with mercury inside (yeah, right). Anyway, so just reminding ya to stock up - Home Depot had them on sale here. . .:remind:
  3. Utilities
    I really would like to try these to help cut electricity costs. I talked to two people who used them, and they had totally different views of them. One person loved them, and the other said they hated them, that they didn't provide enough light, and not to use them anywhere where you actually...
  4. Utilities
    So a few months ago I thought about changing all my bulbs to energy efficient ones, but I went to Target and Walmart and they were almost five dollars a piece. Obviously I didnt want to buy them at that price to replace all of the bulbs in my house (ten of them). Well, Sunday I was walking...
  5. Utilities
    I saw this article this morning about compact flourescent bulbs. My mom switched to these last year. I'm switching as soon as I see a great price!
  6. General Chat
    My mil asked me this one and htought it would be neat to find out.Esp since we all are trying to save power.I have 44
1-6 of 7 Results