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  1. General Chat
    It is now officially summer break.. 9 weeks of my kids and a few more in the mix. I am up at 6 and usually out by and asleep by 8 . I will try as I can to get my fix of frugal village... it will be between fights, naps, eating and any other fun stuff of diapers and games.. Great fun.. Just...
  2. Family
    Man alive I was beginning to think this day would never come! Finally a bath that includes smiles instead of crying! He splashed around made a bit f a mess being so excited...his little arms and legs still fling out randomly when he gets excited. :)
  3. Kitchen Basics
    Green Plums? I love em with salt :toothy: Is it a Southern Thang? lol
  4. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Name something everyone loves, but you don't. Shopping. I can't stand shopping. Everyone seems to love it.
  5. General Chat
    I bought this CD on-line and had it shipped all the way over from where most of you are LOL. It's absolutely FULL of these style pictures! - I LOVE it soooooo much - I can feel some cards coming on LOL. The postage was a rip off - but I really don't care - I am SO happy with it! :D
1-5 of 6 Results