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  2. Freebies
    Visit Seventeen starting on 1/5/10 at 12:01AM Eastern, and enter the code liner, and you will receive a free Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner in soy. Giveaway ends 2/8/10 at 11:59PM Eastern or while supplies last. This offer is available to females between the ages of 13 and 29 in the U.S. and...
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    Free Sample of new CAREFREE® ULTRA PROTECTION™ Liners Coupon for $1 off any CAREFREE® ULTRA PROTECTION™
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    Hi all! I wanted to see what other gardeners thought of this idea. DH had to replace the pond liner in the main part of our pond over the weekend. I picked up a 13x20 liner at Home Depot for $100:(. There is some left over after trimming. I was thinking that I could cut circles out of the...
  5. Home Environment
    all my kitchen drawers and cabinets. I've had more fun in the dentist office. I'm done with the bottom cabinets and the drawers. Now the trash closet has paint on the ceiling and I'll paper it tomorrow. Then it's the pantry and the 2 cabinets above that.....on to the top cabinets next...... . I...
  6. Freebies Enter the contest on the right hand side (click the crockpot) You will need to enter a recipe, but you could win a crockpot
  7. General Chat
    I just got the estimate in the mail for our new chimney liner. The company we used last year didn't say a word about us needing a new liner, but the guy who did our chimney Monday said if we don't get one, the chimney is not safe to use. The estimate came in the mail today- $1225, $400 due...
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1-8 of 8 Results