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  1. General Chat
    For all of you tech savvy folks. Am I nuts for considering this? I am seriously entertaining the idea of saying buh-bye to windoze and swithching to Ubuntu (linux) My only big hang up is that I have a couple of websites that I maintain that use Frontpage file extensions. I'm not sure if it...
  2. Computers
    But our wireless network at home runs on Windows. Will I need to buy a new modem for the Broadband connection? Will he be able to use his scanner etc that he has for his windows PC? HELP Please
  3. Computers
    I am having so much trouble with these linux disks. I would like to know if anyone knows of a site where I can read about learning linux starting from the VERY basics? I'm about ready to give up and buy windows. :(
  4. Computers You can get a disk shipped to you free of charge at this site.
  5. Computers
    Well, I think I accidentally erased my hard drive. :( Since this computer was given to me (and new computers don't really come with software anymore...) I have no operating system to work on. I would like to keep this hard drive, since it is bigger than the one I am using now. However, I...
  6. Computers
    Post why you have not or are not planning on installing Linux.
  7. Computers
    Try Knopix With Knopix Linux will load from the CD without changing your hard drive. When you are done with it. Take out the CD ROM and reboot your computer to get back Windows.
  8. Computers
    One of our computers had a virus and I was unable to remove the spyware browser hijacking malware on it. (I tried for 8 hours different program and nothing worked) I got fed up with all this crap and decided that it was time for a change and install Linux. I installed Fedora Core 3 package...
1-8 of 8 Results