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  1. Beef dishes
    Lisa's Home Style Meatloaf Recipe DescriptionYummy and easy. My family loves meatloaf fixed this way. It can be made ahead, wrapped and frozen. Just take it out of the freezer a couple of hours before baking. Preparation Steps:You need a large bowl for mixing. I've got a large...
  2. Appetizers
    Lisa's Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe DescriptionThese are so good that none are ever left from church dinners. I find many people try to add to much stuff to their eggs and they are just not as good. Keeping it simple is my best advice. Preparation Steps:You will need a large pot to...
  3. Beef dishes
    Lisa's Homebaked Meatloaf Recipe DescriptionI always had trouble with meatloaf until I did my own experimenting and came up with this. Its perfect and delicious every time. My family loves it and always ask for more. Any leftover gets eaten quickly on sandwiches. Yum! Preparation...
  4. Community sites
    Just wanted to post my blog.. I have actually had it for a while, I just never posted a link on here. :usa: So, if you're bored sometime take a peak. I mostly talk about my good shopping deals, building our home and just trying to get as frugal as we can.
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    ~The two aisles of clearance toys were pretty picked over on Saturday but I did get an awesome outfit for dd. I picked up a layered top, pink jeans and a gray cardigan sweater for her to wear next winter for $7.50! Original prices were $30. Does anyone pay that?!?! Thanks again, Lisa. I forgot...
  6. Freebies
  7. General Chat
    I hope he's getting better with each passing day. You are all in my thoughts and prayers :hugz: :well:
  8. General Chat
    Congratulations Lisa. Your such a huge part of the village. Keep those posts coming. :smball: :smball:
  9. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you have a wonderful day and all your wishes come true! :candle:
  10. General Chat
    I was thinking about you guys this morning and praying that he is feeling better. :hugz:
  11. Candlemaking
    I love the candle pictorial. :hugz: Thank you!
  12. Kitchen Basics Keep scrolling down for more.:)
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Now that she has openly said she saw things she did not understand while married to Micheal Jackson, do you think they will call her to testify against him?
  14. General Chat
    We are so glad to see you back!  You have been missed!:)
  15. Leisure & Media Arts
    Has anyone heard her debut album? I heard the one song "Lights Out", but none of the others.
  16. Leisure & Media Arts
    I received the book yesterday.I've only read about 10 pages so far. has anyone read this? or currently reading? Do you plan to?
1-17 of 20 Results