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  1. Dave Ramsey
    how often where and when. i don't listen to it live as the time it comes on is not good for me but i will stream it thru my puter using the archives . in fact i had got myself a mini netbook for work reasons so when i am away i can check my emails for work etc but i cant say i hate...
  2. Utilities
    I'm so happy. Our electric bill dropped $50 from last month. I finally got DH to turn the heat down when he leaves for work and he's been doing it faithfully. He used to argue with me about this saving money. He always said it takes more energy to heat it back up once we get home. My argument...
  3. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    As most of you know we bought our new to us RV last fall. Well, as with any RV repairs need to be made to things now and then. Our large day/night shade over the kitchen dinette broke. The main thread popped. I had no clue what to do where to go or where to start. Thank goodness for a dad...
  4. General Chat
    Hi all! If you go to: and scroll down to the article titled "My Ears are Ringing" you can see a video of my handbell choir ringing one piece on Saturday night at our concert. It's about 4 and 1/2 minutes long, but it's kinda neat if you aren't used to handbell...
  5. General Chat
    It's nice to see judges doing their jobs now and then!!
  6. General Chat
    Neal Boortz Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Clark Howard?
  7. Dave Ramsey
    ~I just discovered yesterday that I could listen to his show online by using a podcast broadcaster. Here's a link to one site but I'm sure there are many others ~
  8. Find Your Kith
    I grew up in a state that had a lot of french people (including my family) and heard french being spoken all the time. I now live in massachusetts and never hear the language spoken. I find myself listening to radio stations out of France online almost daily. Anyone else do that?
  9. Relationships
    I have a friend (d) who is driving me nuts. I don't really know what to do. SHe feels she has some sort of inside knowledge of my family. She'll speak of MIL being a doting caring hands on kind of mother to her boys, fluttery eyed completely in love with FIL. Now...D had never met her...ever...
  10. General Chat
    A week or so ago, I was taking the garbage out and I noticed coca-cola 12-pk case in the dumpster, with the coke code still on! Of course, I reached in and grabbed it. When I told DH about it, he gave me this look like I was weird! Well, yesterday, DH was taking something back to the dumpster...
  11. General Chat
    About two days into our vacation, Dh's brother calls and asks if he can use DH's car. His friend was having a birthday in Vegas, but he had to work friday so he couldn't drive out with everyone and his car would never make it. DH said no because we don't have the car registered or insured yet...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    Also includes a stealth mode for those of you at work, click a button & a spreadsheet comes up, lol.
  13. Dave Ramsey
    Hi I hope this is ok to post I was checking out the Dave Ramsey site today.And I saw on the site you can listen even if your local radio staion does not carry it.All I had to do is down load real player(for free) It was great.It made me (almost) fill like in the village in the sence of you are...
  14. Dave Ramsey
    online? His entire show on the radio, I mean. I can download 39mins worth of podcasts for free on iTunes, but is that the whole show? Where/when/how do you listen to Dave, if you do?
  15. Family
    to your kids while they play? My kids have some imagination!!! Katie told Jackson to leave her alone because she was cooking (On Jayme's little play stove) and Jackson says "So what you dont like "men" now.." She says "hush Jackson!" He says "Its not like you can even cook...I wouldnt eat...
  16. General Chat
    When I'm cleaning, I really like some background noise. :band: The goofier the music, the more efficient I am. What groups/bands/artists do you like to listen to?
  17. General Chat
    Who's listening to music while surfing the net?  I'm sure we have an old thread like this somewhere, but I thought it would be fun to start a new one.  I'll go first.  I've been listening to Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today,"  but just switched over to Toby Keith.
  18. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    CKLQ out of Brandon.
  19. General Chat
    We only listen to the radio in our van. We use to listen to dd's audio tapes when we were in the city. Not sure why we even stopped.
1-19 of 38 Results