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  1. General Chat
    Just curious! It seems we all have our spot/chair/area on couch that we just gravitate to when we go in the livingroom. It isn't written in stone and no one said, "Go sit there" it just happened and I find it kind of funny. Sometimes when one of the kids goes in to watch a program or read and...
  2. Home Decorating
    Not a real good shot but it turned out beautifully
  3. Home Decorating
    i was cleaning today and rearranging some things when i got to looking at my border in the livingroom. i really like what we have. it is VERY cozy. here is a picture of it.:)
  4. Home Environment
    I did it !!!!! Washed all the knick-knacks, pictures and frames, hearth and wood stove, walls, ceilings, fans, carpets, curtains, blinds, furniture, upolstered furn shampooed, washed my dolls and even washed my weed and dried flower collection....... EVERYTHING in there is CLEAN...
1-5 of 5 Results