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  1. Utilities
    We are under contract to buy a home and it has what seems to be called a "Heatilator." It doesn't fit with our plans for the home, and it being an older model, which I don't have the model number, I cannot find any units matching it, or info on how to disassemble it on the internet at this...
  2. Utilities
    Yesterday, I had vent-free gas logs (natural gas) installed in my existing fireplace. I did this primarily for backup heat in case of power outages. Yesterday was pretty cold for the Deep South and I'll have to admit, it felt pretty good to sit there in front of the fire. Does anyone know how...
  3. Site Support
    Ever time i try get on fv have to sign name and pass word is any one else having do that? just started last few days.
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    As my garden expands and my memory fades, I think I'm going to need some sort of log book to keep track of what has been planted where. I want to keep track in an effort to keep my crops rotated. So give me some ideas to accomplish this EASILY and cheaply. Does anybody else keep a log book?
  5. General Chat
    its a brand new month of a brand new year so its time for a brand new challenge in dh's & my life... for 2010 we are going to attempt to live on $200 a month CASH for all 'variable' expenses....this includes all groceries, catfood/litter, hba's, eat outs, & other x-tras.... dh pays the 'fixed'...
  6. Health challenges
    Setting this up for tomorrow! I will stick to 100oz per day. :)
  7. Health challenges
    Setting this up for tomorrow! :)
  8. Health challenges
    I hope you don't mind me starting this Michelle! Just don't want to forget about it tomorrow. :)
  9. Health challenges
    Its hard to believe i have been trying to get down to the illusive 60kg (132lbs) for 4 years. I started 4 years ago at 85kg (187kg), same as i am now, but i dont remember feeling this "fat" and bloated. Around my boobs is so wide, that its pushing my underwires out and my arms hit them...yuk yuk...
  10. Site Support
    How do I find the user control panel to fix my password.I'm afraid to close down now for fear I'll not get back in
  11. Site Support
    :smhelp: For about the last day and a half I haven't been able to log on to FV. I was getting a message that said the page couldn't be opened because it can't find the server This is happening more and more often now. Any idea why?
  12. Health challenges
    got up and walked a mile:cheergrl: ate a cereal bar lunch: boiled egg bagel cantalope 1/4 supper:
  13. Site Support
    A lot of times when I try to come here, I get this. Does anybody else have this problem? (P.S. I wasn't sure if there is where I was suppose to post this, if it needs moved, please feel free to do so!)
  14. Health challenges
    I need a place to track my eating while I'm getting used to a new way of eating. I'm doing the atkins approach to dieting and I am in the induction period today and for the next two weeks. Breakfast- two eggs and several pieces of bacon Lunch- iceberg salad with beef slices and ranch...
  15. Health challenges
    Hoping to do 40 miles (WATP) in April, and I'll be recording here.
  16. Freebies
  17. Frugal Living
    So I thought that to inspire my dh and show him how far saving a few pennies here and there go, I started a log of how many "pennies" I save us daily. For example, not drying my laundry this week and getting cheaper stuff than we normally get. I just started on Sunday and I've already saved...
  18. Utilities
    Anyone care to start doing this with me? Maybe we can offer each other some encouragement? I try to read my meter at approximately the same time everyday. Yesterday I used 29 kwh
  19. Homesteading and gardening
    Here are complete plans for one.....looks great! I can see myself in there in the middle of winter beside the fire.
  20. Health challenges
    Mon 2/13 WATP Walk & kick (kickboxing) 30 min Tues 2/14 off Wed 2/15 WATP for abs-2 mile 30 min