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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    On the way home, we passed a church that was winding down their rummage sale. We stopped to look at what was left over & I was handed a bag & told..."go through & fill the bag up if you find anything & we'll give you a good price for it all". So this is what I found : 6 plastic tumblers scrap...
  2. Needle Arts
    Okay, so it does have *something* to do with knitting.... I made my own stitchmarkers!! These five took less than 15 minutes, with the majority of the time spent on the first one (which I ended up taking apart & doing twice). Aren't they purdy :toothy: I used this tutorial...
  3. General Chat
    This is what my youngest son did today. in 1hr 16 min 13 seconds he's no longer a plebe. :D FERN
  4. Pregnancy
    This is somethng I am putting on my wish list for sure. I might just get it for myself! here's the product's website...
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Okey for some reason I have fallen in love with elephants (the stuffed ones). I told Joe and others that when I have a baby that for the stuffed animals I wanted something besides Cats (even though I collect those as well) dogs, and bears (although I'm sure I'll buy those I want...
  6. General Chat
    I am just dropping in for a second to say we are having a wonderful time visiting with my Mother and Grandmother. I had posted in another thread somewhere that Erick would be bringing home a surprise...this is it in the pic. I have also been doing alot of cooking/canning. My Gram has begun...
  7. Hobbies
    I got tired of our old windchime (never even had it outside, didn't like it much) so I looked around to see what I had that I could re-do it with...and i had an old pot, some paints. So I tore it apart and put the windchime metal bars and clapper inside of this. :)
1-7 of 7 Results