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  1. Health and beauty
    I have to share a nifty thing :) It's a lash stain!!! It's by Hard Candy(found at Walmart for about 7 bucks, I think) If you love and need mascara and hate to apply it daily, and feel purtier with it on..... It's a 4 day stain mascara and it works!! I'm on my second day of wearing it and DD...
  2. Pets
    While adopting our new baby yesterday someone brought in a dog to give up. They charged them $40 to do so. It was a young couple and they didn't even act upset.
  3. Pets
    Received in an email and thought I would share. Click on the photo to enlarge a bit.
  4. General Chat
    Now this may not be true in all Chinese food restaurants, dd, who works for a chinese restaurant, came home & told me that the crab that is being served is actually.....tofu or stingray. They are using tofu & stingray as a substitute for crab b/c crab has become too expensive for them...
  5. Home Decorating
    let's talk about our love of textiles. i love linen clothing and sheets.
  6. General Chat
    I came this while reading this morning: "Every morning I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. This coffee, once drunk, enlivens me enough to make more coffee, to consume throughout the day." :coffee3: Makes sense to me, though it's strictly tea for me. It's from Ammon Shea, Reading the OED.
  7. Pets
    I usually wouldn't post this here but it is so cool and we have so many pet lovers, and it is a terrific story, that I thought you might enjoy it. It is sort of long, (8 minutes) but at least copy the website and watch it later. A real 'feel good' story. Kids will like it too. ENJOY!
  8. Kitchen Basics
    Any new kitchen gadgets or not even gadgets, but just maybe something that is updated.. Yesterday when I was out, I have been wanting one of those small mini grills(don't need to make Goerge richer)but just a simple one that is under 15 bucks. I want it mainly to grill eggplant, zuchinni, and...
  9. General Chat I don't know how to post the picture of the shirt but the link shows it all. rofl
  10. General Chat
    Ok, i need about 15 hours of upbeat music. I'm talking things that get you moving. I need this for the 3 day breast cancer walk to play while we are walking. an example... don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me... But clean! no cursing, nothing raunchy or anything of that nature. I'm...
  11. Pets
    Watch this.... way toooo funny!!! It's called "TV Dinner" There are two other videos too.... "Cat-Man-Do" and "Let Me In" :kitty:
  12. Find Your Kith
    I love 'em! It makes me giddy, lol, to find a really neat new one, share it and make someone else smile. Where do you find yours? This is my favorite place ...
  13. General Chat
    What a remarkable melding of ballet and acrobatics! Once you hit the 4 minute mark it just seems physically impossible. Just had to share (plus I absolutely love the music)
  14. Find Your Kith
    I LOVE this time of year! (of course that might be because I'm a homebody and don't EVER get cabin fever). In the stores and talking to people makes me realize how (apparently) weird I am. Everyone's complaining and I'm lovin' it! :clap: Every checkout person says to me, won't you be happy...
  15. General Chat
    Linens and things has 6 scents on sale 25% off now and also 2 on clearance. I'm sorry I don't remember all of the scents. I got Midnight Jasmine. Remember, use your 20% off coupon from either LNT or Bed Bath & Beyond and save on top of the discount or clearance price. I saved $8 off the...
  16. Find Your Kith
    I love this time of year because I really get into doing my puzzles. My diningroom table is covered with a puzzle now & will probably have works in progress all the way to Spring. I just finished a nice 750 piece one...
  17. Pets
    We are helping DD2 and SIL move from Oregon to Houston, TX for grad school. She has 2 large dogs, one, Bella the St. Bernard is 130#'s of love and kisses.:surprise: My question is this--Do they make kennel/crates large enough to hold Miss Bella?? ( I have one from my GSD, but it would take a...
1-18 of 56 Results