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    Just wondering if anyone else here celebrates/observes the Lunar calendar? Any tales to share? My family celebrated last night with a huge feast at a restaurant....still paying for it now but boy was it ever tasty!!!! Glad its only once a year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *pets da piggy* :dancing...
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    Hey and it started already on the west coast! :D Great science topic for you homeschoolers! :thumb:
  3. General Chat I forgot all about this until I saw it on my homepage this morning. I love stuff like this. Unfortunatly it is overcast here now, I am hoping it will clear up so I can watch it. Is anyone else going to watch it?
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    If your up around 9-11 central time anyway it is gonna be a total eclips (sp?) I'm up working then I will have to take my break outside and take a look.:)
1-4 of 4 Results