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  1. General Chat
    I am going shopping and need to know what I should buy for my Welbilt Bread Machine What kind of flour? Anything else will be a great help as I am a newbie at this. The machine hasn't arrived yet but I really need to shop and I go 15 miles one way to get to a grocery store. We have one in this...
  2. General Chat
    I ordered a second hand Welbilt bread machine. I can't wait to get it. My DH wants me to make the cinnamon buns. LOL I am looking forward to making a french bread! DH is more a bread freak than me and he loves the homemade which cost $5 a loaf at a bread store we go to.
  3. Just Tips
    I live off grid and I have a washing machine that is run off a generator but I don't like to burn gas to wash clothes so I designed this simple hand crank washing machine that could also be used as a compost tumbler- not at the same time LOL! Anyway, if you need to wash a big load of clothes...
  4. Question and Answer
    Well my cordless telephone/answering machine is giving out. Atleast the phone part is. I can still get messages. So am thinking of purchasing a new one. The model I currently have is from CVS and was cheap to begin with. When do you think the best time is to purchase a new cordless...
  5. General Chat
    For $7.! And it looks like it's never been used. Or hardly at all. Westinghouse. It makes 1 & 1.5 pound loaves. But no owner's manual. I guess I can look it up online... So excited about making my own bread for only pennies a loaf. Have been spending nearly $3. per loaf for Arnold's...
  6. General Chat
    so my brother does side work which is called a scrap metal junker person..meaning he will find people or they find him (word of mouth) that want to get rid of stuff and he goes and takes any metal item's that he sell's for so much a pound..he makes out really well sometimes with old junk cars...
  7. Secondhand Shopping
    Our local ARC was having a 50% sale today, I was able to score a Wellbilt Bread machine for $2.50. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, it needed some cleaning. I am hoping to be able to try it in the next couple of days.
  8. Sewing
    i got a singer 1802 off craigslist the top thread wraps around the bottom guessing thats bad because i cant get it to go any futher after that either the needle will stop or the fabric... sewing novice here
  9. Sewing
    Hey been busy for a while got a old camper we are fixing up and husband had a light bulb moment about making pillows curtains...etc... so i got a sewing machine on Cl for $25 but i dont know how to use i want to learn to make the boys Pjs bottoms...any tips? sites? thanks
  10. General Chat
    I got it today...and decided to try it out...the front loader washers use 10-24 gallons of water per load...vs. a top loader washer and 40 gallons per load...This Panda washer uses 6 gallons...3 for washing and 3 for rinse...there is no spin cycle...but when washing only 5.5 lbs of...
  11. General Chat
    for washing clothes while's the Panda brand...bought it for 79.99+20 buck ship holds 5.5lbs of clothing...anyone own one of these? I was wondering how much water it did not say in the description...but I'am going to assume it's less than a front loader machine...
  12. Hobbies
    I just made a very unfrugal purchase - a Brother SE-400 sewing & embroidery machine! I've been wanting one for years, and I finally treated myself. Does anyone here use an embroidery machine? I'm interested in any tips or ideas.
  13. Laundry
    After a year with NO washing machine (or dryer) and having to do everything by hand, we are moving and have decided to buy a washing machine. I like drying on the line and am planning to continue to do that when weather allows but I learned this year that that means going weeks without being...
  14. General Chat
    Boy, is it exciting! I'm making pizza dough. It was deceptively easy to put together, now the proof is in the tasting. I'd going to put it in the fridge until Friday and bake it then. Wish me luck! Next up will be french bread :).
  15. Appliances
    I am getting a new to me washing machine. How can I clean it before using it? Thanks.
  16. DIY
    I emailed my BFF to ask her opinion of her bread machine. She called me and said I was welcome to it because it was stored in her attic. For the cost of UPS shipping, I'll be the new owner of a WelBilt bread machine with all the bells and whistles. Oh, happy day!
  17. Freebies
    Tide Clean clothes start with a clean washer. We'll be giving away 5000 Tide Washing Machine Cleaner packets tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Standard Time! Watch our status updates for the link Tide | Facebook
  18. Appliances
    My Welbilt is starting to give us problems (paddle mechanism is starting to seize up and we've been able to fix a few times now but the end is probably near) and I'm researching a replacement now. What kind of ABM do you have, how often do you use it, what do you usually make and would you buy...
  19. Secondhand Shopping
    was just given a treadle sewing machine for free as it did not have a belt for it --got one for it today from an old hardware store i go to sometimes-cant wait to start sewing like my mother and grand mother did-just have to learn to use my feet while I'm sewing-its an old sears sewing made...
  20. Question and Answer
    Why won't my machine sew in reverse when I press down on the reverse switch on a New Home machine?
1-20 of 219 Results