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  1. Question and Answer
    For a newbie what would be a good entry level one to get. I have an interest in learning this skill and don't want to go all out at first till I know I will keep it up. TIA
  2. Health and beauty
    My Mom just sent over the tapes for the Ab rocket she gave DS1, and realized we could set up our own mini gym. We have: The Ab Rocket- from Mom An exercise bike- from Mom A VERY expensive complete body workout machine that is my DH from before we were married. LOL, he hasn't used it since we...
  3. Sewing
    ~I still haven't learned my lesson about replacing my needles before they break so I had to spend 30 minutes yesterday dislodging a broken needle and wad of bunched up fabric from under my serger presser foot. While I was in there I realized how linty and yucky my machine looked inside so I...
  4. Appliances
    I have been looking at Pasta Machines and reading reviews, comparing prices, etc. For those of you who use one and are happy with it, I would love to hear about yours. The brand, what attachments it comes with, if any, and what you like/don't like about it. Thanks!
  5. Just Tips
    I've been wondering why for the last few months why my towels don't smell fresh. Today I had to wash a load of icky DH work clothes. It left a bunch of leaves and whatnot along the top of the agitator. As I started to wipe it off, I uncovered a whole new box of scariness:box: I found these tips...
  6. Sewing
    I have an old (from the 70's) Montgomery Ward sewing machine. It works fine for my purposes, but I need to get an attachment for it. I want to buy a good quality invisible zipper foot. I tried the cheap plastic attachment that Clark makes, and it broke already (piece of [email protected], IMO). Since these...
  7. Sewing
    Okay, you were all quite helpful about the intermediate machine for me, I'm curious if anyone has any experience with children's machines for dd. She's quite interested, and I thought I'd look into it and come to the experts for advice! :)
  8. Utilities
    someone withe the name of kathy said she likes her handheld sewing machine. i couldn't figure our or find a place to post a message to her on the page i saw her postings on. i am hoping she will see this post! what is the exact name of the gadget you bought please? i saw nothing but horrible...
  9. General Chat
    DD had a 2 hour delay today which messes with my day because we live a distance from the school. No point really going home since I need to be at the school in a few hours... To occupy my time, I stopped in to the local craft store. I bought some yarn and a book... I know.... I know... paying...
  10. Appliances
    Hi Everyone, I'm getting ready to downsize and sell off things that I am not using. I picked up a bread machine at a garage sale a year ago. I have not used it (it even came with a book). Is it cost effective to use the machine? I often buy good multi-grain bread at Costco - 2 loaves for...
  11. Utilities
    I am soon to be in the market for a new washing machine, and am slowly saving the money for it. Do you think it is worthwhile to buy a front-loader vs a top-loader? The front-loaders are so much more expensive than the top-loaders, but they use about 2 1/2 times less energy and half as much...
  12. Sewing
    Embroidery machines - does anyone have one? Are they worth it? Which one do you like best? Should you buy this one new or can you find good ones used? I have been wanting one, but cannot decide if it really is as good as I think it would be. Thanks for all of your help & input. Dawn
  13. Freebies This coloring books is for children in grades 1 to 3. It is a story that teches children that a gene, when active, makes a specific protein in the cells of the human body. When every cell type carries a full set of genes, each different...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    I got a Chefmate bread machine from freecycle. It was free but it needs a dough paddle. The paddle costs $19.50 plus shipping and I can only find one source and that's on ebay. Does anyone have another bread machine parts source I can compare prices on the paddle? Also, there's rust on the...
  15. Health and beauty
    In another thread some of you said you have these. I am seriosly looking into buying one. Mike has ok'd this. It is going to be a Mother'sDay/ B-day gift from him and Alex. I have been ok'd to spend around $200. What do I need on this? Is that an ok amout for a quality machine? I don't want to...
  16. Needle Arts
    I got one at a garage sale for $2, but I don't know WHAT TO DO WITH IT!!! I've done a lot of internet research, but haven't found any thing on HOW to use an old manual machine. It's a "Studio SK-101" which was actually made by Singer (in about 1962). It's a long steel apparatus with 200...
  17. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    What type did you use??? We've had the newer touch screen machines in my area for awhile now. I really like them fast and easy.
  18. General Chat
    Ok, here is a question for all of you that have a carpet cleaner. My Dirt Devil just took a crap and I would like to buy a new one. I was leaning towards a Bissell Proheat Steam Cleaner. I would love to hear what you guys think of your machines and if you have any advice about what to buy. Traci
  19. Homesteading and gardening
1-19 of 22 Results