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  1. Baking Breads
    :cheer4: I made cinnamon raisin bagel's today. They didn't get that smooth surface perfect circle like what you buy from the store look :laugh: nor did I expect them to look perfect! I think for it being my first time making them they came out pretty good.:bgum: I did mess up by not putting...
  2. General Chat
    Somehow I added incorrectly and had $700 extra in my checkbook register. I'm so mad at myself. I caught it when I checked my online balance with my register. I was feeling pretty comfy with "extra money", Ouch!
  3. General Chat
    He has been making them and selling them and i told him i wanted one and he had an extra one so here it is.....
  4. General Chat
    We have made it 14 years and 4 kids without any stiches in our house until last night! Unfortunately it happened so late we had to go to the ER which will cost a bit more but I think we had a good run. Our oldest is 14 and never been but our 12 yr old cut her knee last night and had to have a...
  5. General Chat
    Mom and I made a killing at the thrift stores today...I mean, I did LOL....I got 2 of those huge coleman coolers that I can fit inside of for $6. a piece! A set of steak knives (beautiful wood ones) for 50 cents, push lawn mower for $2., box fan for another $2., a BUNCH of clothes in a couple...
  6. Kitchen Basics
    Oh my goodness!! Why didn't I know it was this easy? :ack: In my house, this will be a "god-send"! And now I know what my frugal weekend plans are!!! Homemade Cheese - How to Make Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese Video Theresa :)
  7. Make It Yourself
    First of all I hope you can see my attachment its my first time trying to upload one I made this decoration for my front door.. it only cost me 5 dollars I had the eggs left over from Easter I bought a straw wreath at Michaels for 2.99 and I bought that weird shiny gift filler that I used...
  8. Christmas
    Is there a thread already as to what some one has picked up for Christmas I thought some where their a thread for that but I can not seem to find it this would be non home made items if there is no thread started cans I use this one thanks .
  9. General Chat
    I made some dairy free "cheese" and have to say it does remind me of cheese. Just need something to put it on. Hoping that my bread comes out ok.
  10. Lifestyle challenges
    I didn't even realize this was an option until reading about it a few minutes ago! I'm intrigued and want to know if anyone has experience with this sort of thing. I LOVE the idea of not buying milk at the store!
  11. Stockpiling
    i am working on my grocery list for the 12th...and my family loves tuna helper...i am wondering if there is a cheaper alternative than buying it in the box. a meal for us would be $1 for the box of tuna helper $1.25 for the tuna and roughly .50 for the peas that we like to add the mix...there...
  12. Home Decorating
    I just posted our table project on my blog. I think we paid around $30 for both tables and the materials to make them over. My blog address is in my sig. :)
  13. General Chat
    So for the new year one of our resolutions was to go a full month without eating out. Now I know that some of you all think that isnt a big deal but it is here. Well I have been looking forward to a womens retreat this month with my church girls. The good news is that all of the food is...
  14. General Chat
    That's great!
  15. General Chat
    i know it is a small feat...but in my book it is a big feat...i never get them done all the way but today i boiled them for around 45 minutes.....and then they soaked for a while and then i put them in the crockpot and did my thing.....they are turning out beautifully....I am so excited! Just...
  16. General Chat
    Well that is great news for all if he is the bio father of her! I sure hope so for you all! Congrats! :angel:
  17. Health and beauty
    I think you made a wise decision. I had ovarian cancer, but it was caught fairly early and though the surgery and chemo wasn't any fun, I was very fortunate and had an easy time of it. However it could have turned out far differently. Since you have the family history, it's a disaster waiting...
  18. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    A few days ago i found that kroger had marked down there heavy whipping cream. So i payed $ 1.00 a quart and bought 4 of them. Whipped then all up today and filled 8 coolwhip containers full. Kept one out for fridge and froze the rest. When you defrost them just gotta drain off the liqued off...
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I paid myself 10%, tithe 10%, and even added in health insurance for 5 of us(which we have been doing without for over a year). I was so proud of myself. I was keeping to my $400 grocery budget. Gave me and my husband CASH to spend so we have no leaking money. Then today.... I realized that I...
  20. General Chat
    Laughter is a good thing. What has made you LOL lately? share with us I laughed out loud today. The older gentlemen across the street was vacuuming his lawn. Not with a leaf blower but with the shop vac. He was so intent on have a spotless lawn that he was happily vacuuming his lawn. You...
1-20 of 500 Results