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  1. Frugal Living
    and there is..... water bill--$10 less than I budgeted~ GREAT! The sales circulars, I took a gander but not anymore shopping in the budget~OK. 3, yep 3, credit card applications to WA MU of all places~ uh didn't they go bust and I absolutely refuse to do business with anyone who "pretends to...
  2. General Chat
    Please empty your mailbox:D
  3. General Chat
    I arrived home today and noticed that my mailbox had been run over! And to top it all off I had just put a cute little flower bed around it a week ago. Just as I was surveying the damage the neighbor from across the street arrived home...he had contractors parked in his driveway work who had...
  4. News you can use
    Mailbox alert! Tax documents on the way Before you can complete your return, you'll need these documents, which should start arriving any day now.
  5. DIY
    I have a slot in the door of my townhouse for mail but otherwise the mailman has to leave any boxes outside on the step. Does anyone have any ideas of something for the mailman that IS NOT connected to the house? We are not allowed to attach any sort of mailbox. Thanks
  6. General Chat
    I have a parcel and I can't get at it!!!!! We have a group mailbox and a parcel box. If you recieve a parcel the mailcarrier puts the key to the parcel box in your letterbox. Well there is something wrong with the key or lock cause I can't get the box to open:( . So I know there is something...
  7. General Chat
    I woke up at 3:30 am and came into the computer room. The window is open and I had just logged on to FV cause I couldn't sleep due to my back hurting.:( Suddenly, I heard a lot of loud "pops" down the road. At first I thought it might be gunshots! So I hear a vehicle heading toward my...
  8. General Chat
    A letter from Janie!! (Pita 1213) :thud: She wrote finally !! Do you think I am effectively making her feel guilty??  And my questions from this letter are: am I a neat freak or a messie? Vanilla or chocolate cake? What do I put on Hot dogs? What do I put on Pizza? So wanna join in the...
  9. Money Articles
    Are companies keeping your money? Are they in possession of hard-earned dollars to which you are entitled? If you fail to send in your rebate form, then that is exactly the situation that will occur. Rebate shopping serves no purpose if you don't send in your refund request. Unfortunately...
  10. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Mine is a hike. I grew up with a mailbox on the house at one house and a mail slot on another and miss just opening the door and having the mail right there. Sara
1-10 of 12 Results