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  1. Freebies
  2. New England Pals
    :applause:I am looking for a central Maine pal, someone to IM with, swap tips, grocery deals and coupons. Preferably a female.
  3. General Chat
    Hear talk of the nation today?Some of it was about "extteme frugality." See here: The guy saw the light, writes a column about it too. It was interesting to listen to! Judi
  4. New England Pals
    My family is taking a trip to Maine the first part of June. We are landing in Portland and driving up to Bar Harbor for a day or two. Luckily we will be staying a week and plan to shop in Freeport while there. Is there anything else that I definitely do not want to miss? Also, could anyone...
  5. General Chat
    I have been absent the past few months. I have had a heckuva year and things have been hectic. Let me summarize: Laid off from well paying job in insurance in March. Unable to find job in my field, so took office job @ cleaning firm for significantly less $$...but I was collecting severance so...
  6. New England Pals
    Anyone from Maine??
  7. New England Pals
    Just looking for others arounbd me
  8. General Chat
    I read the paper back home online... this just made me laugh out loud, thought I'd share.
  9. General Chat
    I'm headed to Kittery Maine Thursday, and I'm trying to plan carefully so I can make the most of my money. I'm looking for clothes and really anything else that's a super good buy. Anyone have any ideas??
  10. News you can use
    Maine coffee roaster addresses odor issue Neighborhood complaints about the odor emanating from a local gourmet coffee roaster have prompted its owner to come up with ... </img>
  11. Freebies Bring your lawn chairs to L.L.Bean's 9th annual Summer Concert Series in Discovery Park in Freeport. Enjoy the incredible talents of local, national and international performers. From jazz to folk, from Celtic to Cajun, there's music for...
  12. Green Living
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    I had to say," Well ...DUH" when I saw this article anout lobster rolls. Would you believe the Mc Donald's even sells lobster rolls seasonally in my home town?? I have been to "Red's" in the article, and though I can't...
  14. Vacations and Travel
    Here's a pretty pic of a lighthouse in Portland Maine. I hope to see it this summer maybe. My mom went and saw it in June i think. Pretty huh?
  15. General Chat
    I think i have it figured out inless the price of air drops. looks like the train has dropped emensly, and right now it looks like my cheapest bet. I will keep watching the flights and maybe they will drop some more in the next few weeks but looks like end of may i will be going and coming home...
1-16 of 17 Results