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  1. Education
    for teaching when the weather gets nice? All I want (and my children) is to spend my time in the outdoors. All I wast to do is garden.... This happens every year. How do you keep going? When do you stop for the summerbreak? Or do you teach year round? How do you keep going?
  2. Simple Living
    What motivates you to maintain a simpler lifestyle?  I strive for the simple lifestyle.  I think it helps with stress reduction and just a happier life.  I work in a busy critical care unit of a large hospital so every hour at work is stressful and fast paced and when I get home I love that I...
  3. Health Articles
    One of the hardest aspects of getting yourself into shape, is maintaining the motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Just about anyone will lose some of their enthusiasm, a month or so into a weight loss program. I have learned a few things that keep me motivated and dedicated to...
1-3 of 3 Results