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  1. Question and Answer
    Anyone reading my posts know I like to experiment....... And thought the candy makers out there could help me!!! Well........the stores were selling flavored bark covered pretzels........(raspberry, strawberry, etc. and NOT CHEAP!) I decided I can do it too.............BUT........... Has...
  2. Appliances
    I am the only coffee drinker in the house, and have been looking for a replacement for my old 4 cup coffeemaker. Any suggestions? I am not interested in the pod-type brewing systems, I am perfectly fine with my uber-cheap Aldi's coffee. Specifically, I am looking for a carafe that will open up...
  3. Appliances
    Does anyone have one? If so, do you like it? Do you make one large batch or several little jars? Is it efficient given the amount of electricity it will use, etc? Thank you :-)
  4. Appliances
    DW and I have decided the purchase a waffle maker(iron). Any recommendations and things to look for.
  5. Household notebooks and home manuals
    I know there are a few others here that like to make lists. I have to admit I am a list maker, and look for ways to add to the lists I like. There are many sites that have all ready made lists, and here are a few of the ones I use and enjoy. Hope this helps some of you that are in to making...
  6. Household notebooks and home manuals
    I am a list maker. I make lists for everything. Camping, we need a list, groceries, house cleaning, whatever. I stop just short of making lists of list :jabber:lol. My list today is short but busy. I need to go through freezer, pantry, fridge. I need to Plan 36 meals. I need a dry bones...
  7. Beadwork and Jewelry
    I make cell phone fobs for myself and my dds and neices. I just made them with lobster claws so that they can be interchanged without having to use a new cell phone attachment thing(hey I am a pro lol) They love them and I make them pretty fancy. These would make CHEAP GREAT gifts esp around...
  8. News you can use
    Teva to buy Barr for $7B as generic-drug makers team up Israeli drugmaker Teva Pharmaceutical said Friday it will buy rival generic drug company Barr Pharmaceuticals for more than $7 ...
  9. Creative Cooking
    I noticed this month in Mother Earth News they had a couple articles on people who make their own cheese. Just wondered if anyone had done it and how the cost compares to purchasing ready made. Thanks in advance for your replies:lhat:
  10. Kitchen Basics
    Do any of you have an ice cream maker? Not the old fashioned, hand crank kind but the counter top electric. Ok, I have a bee in my bonnet right now for an ice cream maker. I don't eat ice cream a lot but I want one. What sparked my want, is that the new edition of Taste of Home came the...
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  12. Freebies
  13. General Chat
    Hi! :feedback: Does anyone here use a label-maker, and if so, would you recommend it? I'm in the market for a handheld-electric label maker and would love some reviews.
  14. Baking Breads
    I started making my own bread from scratch a few months ago, and I seem to be able to consistently make a basic loaf. Tonight we are having steak sandwiches for supper and I want to try to make my own buns. The buns I usually use are soft and have sesame seeds on top - I believe they are...
  15. Freebies :couch:
  16. Beadwork and Jewelry
    I recently started making jewelry. And found that I really enjoy it. Right now I make just make sort of dressy necklaces. Anyone else here into jewelry making? Let's talk. Maybe share some hints and sites.
  17. General Chat
    While shopping last week, I bought a can of Comstock Apple Pie Filling. Not sure why, maybe because it was there. Anyway I remembered that I used to make sandwich pies with a hand held 'pie maker'. I may have made up the name but it was used over the stove gas flame. You used two slices of...
  18. Freebies
  19. General Chat
    I was looking around my home and got to thinking about what "things" (not people or pets ;), that's a whole other thread!) bring me great joy and what things cause me stress. I have a few family heirloom needlwork pictures, some old prints, family photos and such that just bring a calm, peace...
1-19 of 23 Results