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  1. Careers
    called me to his office to discuss a mistake I had made. Instead of actually going into the office, he discussed my mistake outside of his office (where the Department he runs workers are situated in an open space). I tried to "steer" him into his office but he wouldn't budge. He didn't yell at...
  2. News you can use
    Hedge fund manager rakes in $3.7B Hedge fund manager John Paulson of Paulson & Co. took home $3.7 billion last year, making him the biggest earner in the industry, according to Alpha Magazine.
  3. News you can use
    The best fund manager of our time Robert Rodriguez has accomplished the unheard-of-feat: driving staggering returns in both a stock and a bond fund for more than two decades.
  4. Careers
    She was so sweet, and told me she would be out at some sort of training for four days, but would be back Thursday (my day off), so she wants me to call her and meet with her then. I think this may work out. I hope so. Cross your fingers for me.
  5. Freebies JEFF NOW® If you've got a home computer, we've got the best way yet to keep track of your family's health records. Our Personal Health Manager CD-ROM lets you record doctor visits, set automatic reminders, organize immunization...
  6. Frugal Living
    I have been going to the same store each week or twice a week for years. Well, last Wednesday I picked up 6 cans of corn that were marked on sale. After I left, I realized I was charged the inflated regular price. When I went back that day, I was told the sale ended the day before and it...
  7. Just Tips
    Topic: More Hints from Emilie Barnes book "15 minute house and budget manager" (1) When canning jams use a saran wrap stretched tightly over the mouth of the jar. Then screw the lid on tightly. No need to use paraffin again. One woman has used this method successfully for over 10 years. (2)...
  8. Just Tips
    I just got this book the night before last and have read a few hints and tricks which I thought I would post. There are so many ideas but these are the ones which I have written down in a notebook so far. (1) Don't keep an address book for home use. Instead buy a small 3"by 5" card file box...
  9. Home Environment
  10. Household notebooks and home manuals
  11. General Chat
    My OM is also a "friend" although we are not as tight as we once were. I worked for her at another office before she hired me at this new office. My problem? The nasty weekly memos that accompany my timecard on Thursdays. Everyone gets them, so it's not just me, but they are downright evil...
1-11 of 11 Results