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  1. General Chat
    Hope you have a better day today.
  2. Meal planning
    The cost of groceries are going up along with the cost of gas.I am struggling to manage. I am couponing , stockpiling, buying loss leaders with coupons, reducing my trips to the store, eating leftovers. But still it does not seem to be enough. How are u managing?
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    My great-aunt Millie died eight years ago, leaving a $7 million dollar estate to her eight neices and nephews (including my mom). Of course, my mother's cousins went sue happy and between the huge sums of money paid out to attorney's and the drop in the real estate market, the end game is that...
  4. Family
    My husband had ADD and it makes it very difficult to keep the house clean and organized. He leaves tools, chemicals, paints and potions in the strangest places like...the window sill in the dining room or the shelf above the bathroom sink. He says he needs visual ques to remind him to do...
  5. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Mark graduated college in May '09 and works for a well known Insurance Co. as a sales agent. Since then he's been living on his own, bought a car, enjoys an active social life and drum roll please, paid off all his student loans. Yep, one year out of college. :woohoo1: How did he do it? He...
  6. Question and Answer
    Hi, What's the best program to help me manage my money? I've never used a program before so I'm not too familiar with what's out there, but I would like to know where every cent I spend is going (would like to writ the name of the place where I spent money) and to have my own record of how much...
  7. News you can use
    Managing your folks' money: 5 steps Ever since Yvette Mesquita took over her father's finances, she's felt as if she's had two jobs.
  8. News you can use
    Managing debt in turbulent times Gerri Willis answers reader mail:
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hi all, Big whine ahead. I am feeling our money is out of our control. We have so many monthly expences that are adding up...up......... We still haven't started retirement savings. I always say next month, next??? Our biggest expenses other than mortgage are: Health insurance/no prescrition...
  10. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hi - I'm looking to simplify things, and one thing I want to try is using cash instead of debit and credit cards. Mostly when I read about this, people talk about the Envelope System that Dave Ramsey suggests. I've tried that, but to me it's a PITA to use, just as bad as remembering to record...
  11. Frugal Living
  12. Utilities
    I was reading an article about house design and passive solar gain i.e. using the sun's energy without doing solar panels. It said that in the winter mornings, open all shades, curtains (anything blocking sunny windows) especially on the south side. And when building a house think about those...
  13. Home Environment
    Telephone management. Whether you are homeschooling and want to concentrate on lessons in the morning, but are constantly interrupted by friends and relatives who presume "but you are home all day, I know you can do the lesson later, right now I HAVE to talk or I'll explode..." scenarios or...
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management All kinds of help here, forms for managing things too. I love the site
1-14 of 15 Results