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  1. Miserly Monday
    Actually, it isn't quite manic here, but for some of you it may be. Today, dd and I have to go to the library, give the dog a bath, dishes, one load laundry. What is going on at your house today? Have a great Monday!
  2. Miserly Monday
    It's going to be one busy day for me. Here's my list.... *Bank *Target *Walgreens *Adli & Jewel *Take the car (the one I'm selling) to be looked at. I heard a noise coming from the engine yesterday and I want to make sure it's nothing major. Hope everyone has a good day :)
  3. Miserly Monday
    I don't know if these posts are done on another thread, but I couldn't find one. This used to be one of my favorite threads, so I thought I'd start one. Today is going to be a slow day for me. I'm sick and pregnant, so dh is being a sweetie and is working from home today. He took the girls...
  4. Miserly Monday
    Good morning! This is how I feel today :morning: Ashlee and I got in at 1:00 a.m. from her competition Saturday and I'm just shot. Raechel woke me up every ten minutes last night to tell me she had a headache :ugh: I feel like I'm in a foul mood today. Gotta go to work today, and catchup...
  5. Miserly Monday
    i don't think i saw a thread for this yet, so i started one... I have to work all day and then --I need to: Cook supper Do dishes Laundry Play with puppy Dust living room Relax Sort coupons hope you all have a great day :) :)
  6. Miserly Monday
    Good morning!!! This day starts off an incredibly busy week Today I have 5 shops including dinner :) Hope everyone has a wonderfully frugal day!!!
  7. Frugal Living
    Good morning! Today is another work day for me :ugh: This is getting old, quick! At least I'll have a nice paycheck to take camping with me :) Tonight DD has band practice, but other than that there is nothing going on here. It's very HUMID! YUCK!
  8. Miserly Monday
    Good morning! Well, the sun finally decided to come out, but it's going to be near 90 degrees today. This is the latest EVER that we've had 90 degrees. Usually we have a few days in May that hot. It's nearly July! Today is a work day for me. Just need to tidy up and drop the kiddos off at...
  9. Miserly Monday
    Well its been a while since anyone did one, so I figured I would start one for today. I am going for a job interview, its 20 hours a week, perfect for me. Going to make sheppards pie for dinner. Hope to get oil changed and tires rotated. Hope everyone has safe and frugal day!!!
  10. Miserly Monday
    Good morning!! Its another pretty day here. Just have a grocery shop later today. Going to swifter and vacumm and basic straighten up. Dinner is pork chop surprise if hubby says he doesnt want to go to Cinco De Mayo tonight!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous spring day!!!
  11. Miserly Monday
    Good morning!! Its cleaning day here Our brand new Trane Ac unit is not working correctly so the repairman are coming to fix. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! Enjoy your day!!!
  12. Miserly Monday
    Good morning!! Its cleaning day here :( but at least its a pretty day so that will make me go like the energizer bunny to get done!!!! I have to go get a few great deals at Rite Aid and Eckerds then Walmart for a new shower head and shock for the pool. Dinner is pork chop surprise! Well I...
  13. Miserly Monday
    I have a sick baby at home...she has a cold. I will be layiing low with her and trying to clean the house some to drop the germ count for her!!LOL! I hope she is better soon! I hate to see her uncomfortable!:(
  14. Miserly Monday
    Good Morning! It's a Moanday, that's for sure. Didn't want to drag my bod out of bed this morning. I am going back to work today after being off for 7 days! I dread it so bad. I thought that I would be ready to go back, but I am so dreading it. It snowed quite a bit here, yesterday. I'm...
  15. Miserly Monday
    Today is errand day! I have to pick up vacuum bags, go to the bank and deposit my emergency fund money early , get a key made and stock up on some meat at costco so we have something to eat when the baby is here. What is everyone else doing today?
  16. Miserly Monday
    Oh its cold outside.But supposed to real nice out though.Not much to do today.But I'm sure I'll come up with something else i need to do. For today: make beds dishes-done vaccum cut coupons,organize make groc list pay bills play with kids Breakfast-oatmeal Lunch-grilled cheese,mixed...
  17. Miserly Monday
    Good morning!:) I don't have no real plans today. I am waiting on a package from FedEx. It should be here sometime today. :D Can't wait for it to arrive, so I won't be going to town in fear I may miss them. Suppose to have thunderstorms today.:( I don't want it to rain. If it rains, the boys...
  18. Miserly Monday
    You can sure tell it's Monday morning here. Dh and I both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The house is a mess, I have tons of stuff to get done, and I have the flu. :toothy: Just an all around bad day. Hopefully, it will get better. It hasn't been at all frugal today. Dh had to get...
  19. Miserly Monday
    Manic doesn't even describe today for me! Dh and I overslept 2 hours! After that we couldn't get it together. He kept forgetting things, and I was running around like an idiot. lol He finally left, so hopefully his day is going better now. Mine is. Although, we overslept I feel like a new...
  20. Miserly Monday
    Good Morning! It is a rainy day here. Yesterday it was up in the 70's, and now it is cold again with rain. We were given tornado watches last night, but luckily we didn't have anything to come of it. I have to work today, but before I go, I am going to clean this house from top to bottom. I...
1-20 of 25 Results