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  1. Dave Ramsey
    starts at noon, i think, fox network
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    Anyone else watching the true movie marathon on Lifetime Movie Network? I've been watching since 9am. The one that is on now Before He Wakes is a good one. But so heartbreaking--I watched a documentary show on this and I feel so bad for the husband the wife killed. He was such a good guy. The...
  3. Hot deals
    If you're in the market for a car set, has a Britax Marathon for nearly 80% off - $42.99! Here's the link: Oops! I can't post links because I haven't posted 15 times yet. Do a search on Target dot com or check out www dot babygoodbuys dot com
  4. Quilting
    I was looking at my UFO's last night and went into a panic when I realized that *five* of them needed to be done before June 1!!!! So, I decided to go on a UFO Marathon. I am not permitted to start any new projects before June 1 and I'm going to see how many I can get finished by then. I'm...
  5. Leisure & Media Arts
    It sure brought back alot of memories since Daniel Boone was a big hit in our house while growing up. But, after about 6 episodes, I was craving some news and weather. With only one T.V. in this camper, I was ready to throw a hatchet at it, LOL! Naturally, hubby was in second heaven while I...
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Law and Order all day long!!! I'm in heaven!
  7. Home Environment
    Okay, if you get The Learning Channel and think you might need a little extra motivation for the New Year, New Home challenge, they are having a Clean Sweep marathon today (my favorite all-time show!). It's on all day until 6:00 pm. Give it a peek!
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Anyone plan on watching it. It's goint to be on ABC Family starting at noon tomorrow. 7 hours of watching Ty :hubba: uh, I meant 7 hours of watching Ty and the others help people out ;)
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    Some people will need to look away now, but for those who like Martha Stewart, you will love this.  Our local cable TV plays martha's program daily. Their new advertisement for her program says this:  "Martha's been out of the public eye lately (LOL) and to celebrate her return there will be a...
  10. Goals and Dreams
    I'm just taking a break and rambling here....  Our house is officially listed now, and DH and I have spent the last two days cleaning everything in sight (and many things out of sight, LOL!).    We've had two calls already (remember? I hid from the one guy! ;) )  but put off those two showings...
  11. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Simple Scrapbooking September 15, 2003 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. & 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. ET Preserving the Past - Scrapbooking September 16, 2003 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. & 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. ET Creating Keepsakes - Scrapbooking September 17, 2003 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. & 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. ET I rarely buy during these...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts,2165,croppin02_croppin02,FF.html Scrappers! Sept 28 noon to 8pm EST Sara
1-12 of 12 Results